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Percy Hynes White Scandal And Controversy: Is He A Rapist?

Percy Hynes White, one of those rising stars, is currently embroiled in severe controversy.

Many of the actors in the Addams Family spinoff Wednesday on Netflix became well-known due to its success. As women on Twitter speak out against Percy Hynes White, accusations of sexual assault have been made against one of them.

Several women have accused Percy Hynes White, who portrayed Xavier Thorpe in the well-liked Netflix series Wednesday, of sexual assault. Fans have demanded that he be fired from the show.

It appears that everything began when Twitter user @milkievich shared a thread on the social media site describing White’s actions of “manipulating girls” and images that White allegedly sent to minors. 

She asserted that they would invite attractive women so they could get them intoxicated and high enough to engage in sexual activity with them. The thread also includes a clip of him using a racial epithet during what appears to be a performance.

Percy Hynes White Scandal And Controversy

Percy Hynes’s scandal and controversy sparked a veritable internet firestorm, prompting numerous other women to come forward with comparable tales. These reports claim that when White was a student at a school close to Toronto, he had a history of preying on young women at parties.

The thread also includes a clip of Percy using a racial epithet during what appears to be a performance. (Source: Twitter)

Given that the Actor was between 17 and 20 years old at the time of the alleged incidents, it is obvious that what is claimed happened meets the legal criteria for sexual assault as we understand it today.

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However, thanks to the abundance of resources and support networks now at their disposal, victims can finally receive compensation for their trauma.

Is Percy Hynes White A Rapist?

White has recently been the target of numerous accusations, ranging from rape to assault, making people wonder if he is a rapist. The most recent came from an unnamed accuser who claimed White had attacked her at a Party while she was too drunk.

Another person who attended high school with Percy and claimed that he had taken advantage of girls has come forward on Tiktok. (Source: Twitter)

He has also allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with several other women, though no specifics were provided. Regardless of the integrity of these reports or any obtrusive evidence, this is a worrying situation with important strategic ramifications that should not be taken lightly.

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Hearing these stories and being reminded that people can present themselves in ways that are not who they are making the entire situation incredibly heartbreaking.

Percy Hynes White Limited Instagram Comments

The Actor has moderated comments on his Instagram post in response to the barrage of accusations that surfaced on Twitter, which also included several screenshots of individuals sending DMs to White.

That might have been done to stop users from disseminating these claims online, but it might have been too late. Although White hasn’t issued a statement in response to the accusations, it is obvious that he is currently drafting one.

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These accusations are numerous enough to probably warrant an answer. In the end, however, it’s uncertain whether they will affect his career and his future on Wednesday or if this marks the end of the accusations against him.


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