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What Is Wrong With Perdita Weeks Legs? What Draws People To Her Disability?

After it was reported that Perdita Weeks had a disability, people were interested in learning what had happened to her legs.

British Actress Perdita Rose Weeks portrays Juliet Higgins in the CBS-to-NBC reboot of the television series Magnum. P.I. Weeks attended the Roedean School in East Sussex and the Courtauld Institute in London for her education. 

She is the older sister of Actor Rollo Weeks and the younger sister of actors Honeysuckle Weeks and Honeysuckle Weeks.

Fans were shocked when rumors of the Actress’s disability first spread because she is a brilliant Actress by many measures and is undoubtedly used to playing the “strong female lead.” In the CBS classic Drama remake of Magnum P.I., the As Above So Below Actress Juliet Higgins, who also portrays the role of a badass secret agent, is only 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Perdita Weeks Legs: What Is Wrong With Her?

Verifiable research indicates that Perdita Weeks’ legs are fine, and she does not have any known congenital disabilities.

She was born in 1985 on Christmas Day to Robin and Susan Weeks. Honeysuckle Weeks and Rollo Weeks are the thespian siblings of the Courtauld Institute graduate.

CBS’ reboot of “Magnum PI” premiered with Jay Hernandez in the lead role as Magnum. (Source: cinemovie.tv)

There is no room for secrecy regarding a congenital disability when one has a relatively well-known childhood background like hers, especially given that Perdita is a famous Actress in Britain.

Perdita Weeks’ apparent good health further disproves reports that she has a birth defect that could make her wholly or partially disabled.

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Perdita Weeks has never mentioned a birth defect in her interviews, despite what the audience can see. The Actress is not a private person, so the fact that she doesn’t mention a potential birth defect suggests that there isn’t one.

What Draws People To Perdita Weeks Disability?

The investigation indicates that the rumors only started due to her portrayal of Juliet Higgins in the CBS/N.B.C. crime Drama Magnum, P.I.

In the thirteenth episode of the show’s second season, titled Mondays are for Murder, Higgins decides to fabricate an injury to avoid working with a spy named Thomas on an ongoing murder investigation.

Perdita Weeks is completely fit and fine. (Source: tuko.co.ke)

Ultimately, Magnum (Jay Hernandez’s character) had to accept the position. Additionally, to solve an office murder, the agents had to pose as efficiency experts while undercover. Although Juliet didn’t specify the precise injury she pretended to have, it severely limited her ability to move.

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It’s not hard to understand why Juliet’s deception was successful, given that she is a trained agent who must be quick on her feet.

How Did Perdita Weeks Disability Rumor Start?

It wasn’t intended for Juliet’s injury to lead to Perdita disability rumors in the real world. However, because the Actress was so skilled at fabricating her injury, people started to think she was actually disabled.

Perdita Weeks does not limp and walks normally in real life. She did, however, perfectly imitate Juliet Higgins’ limping gait in the Mondays is for Murder episode of Magnum, P.I.

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Second, her character frequently engaged in violent altercations that left her hurt. The public believed her staged limping gait to be genuine. In contrast, Perdita walks beautifully and has excellent posture.


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