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Peregrine Pearson Wikipedia, Age: Sophie Turner New Boyfriend

Following the public sighting of Peregrine Pearson engaging in a kiss with Sophie Turner, there has been a heightened curiosity among many individuals who are now inclined to delve deeper into his Wikipedia.

Peregrine Pearson is the heir to the 4th Viscount Cowdray, and his father owns the Cowdray Estate with the prestigious Cowdray Park Polo Club in West Sussex.

He also co-founded Weetman, a property investment and development company in the South East of England.

Additionally, Peregrine dated Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, King Charles’ goddaughter.

After their separation, Peregrine was spotted kissing Sophie Turner, the actress from Game of Thrones.

Following this, numerous fans search for information on Peregrine Pearson through Wikipedia.

A Sneak Peak On Peregrine Pearson Wikipedia And Age

Despite his widespread recognition, Peregrine Pearson does not have a Wikipedia page.

However, we have found some details and facts about the heir to the Cowdray Estate relevant to Peregrine Pearson Wikipedia.

Peregrine Pearson, born on October 27, 1994, is the child of Michael Orlando Weetman Pearson, the 4th Viscount Cowdray, and Marina Rose Cordle, Viscountess Cowdray.

Peregrine Pearson
Perry keeps a low profile and maintains a private Instagram account. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, he has three elder sisters, Eliza, Emily, and Catrina, and a younger brother named Montague.

He graduated in 2016 after studying business, management, and marketing at the University of West London.

Meanwhile, Pearson became a director at Cowdray Estate in 2016 after graduating, according to his LinkedIn profile.

However, in 2019, he added the director role at Weetman Developments to his responsibilities alongside Cowdray Estate.

Nevertheless, Peregrine Pearson maintains a private stance on his personal life, resulting in limited available information.

However, upon inheriting the estate, Peregrine Pearson is set to assume the title of the 5th Viscount Cowdray.

Sophie and pearson skiing with friends
His Instagram account has just over 1000 followers. (Source: Instagram)

In contrast to the traditional use of estates, he has expressed his family’s aim to turn their property into a diverse business venture.

The Cowdray Estate, primarily recognized for its Polo Club, also features a farm shop, café, golf club, cottages, and other amenities.

Polo is the main attraction at Cowdray Estate, and although not an expert, Pearson is actively learning about the sport.

“I’m getting lessons, I grew up riding and over the next few years it’s something I can see myself doing a lot more.”

Additionally, his wealth is closely connected to the Cowdray family’s estimated generational fortune of £224 million.

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All About Pearson’s Past And Current Relationships: Sophie Turner New Boyfriend?

Peregrine Pearson romantically involved himself with Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, King Charles’ goddaughter.

They started dating in 2020, and Olympia frequently shared pictures of their relationship on her Instagram account.

Pearson and Sophie with friends
Peregrine Pearson does not have a Wikipedia page yet. (Source: Instagram)

However, they parted ways in 2023, and Olympia removed all pictures with Pearson from her Instagram.

Currently, there are sightings of Peregrine Pearson kissing Sophie Turner, sparking curiosity among fans about their relationship.

They first appeared in late October at the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris.

Additionally, the duo conversed, shared kisses, and laughed outside the Gare du Nord train station.

Sophie and Peregrine kissing
Peregrine Pearson’s parents recently separated after being together for 36 years. (Source: Twitter)

During December 2023, snapshots emerged of Turner and Pearson strolling through London, hand in hand, in a public display of affection.

While there’s no official confirmation, fans enthusiastically ship Turner and Pearson, hopeful about the dating rumors.

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