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Who Is Peter Miles Wife Patti Montgomery? Marriage and Children

Peter Miles wife, Patti Montgomery, is from Somerset. Let’s explore more about the couple’s marriage and children.

Peter Miles reportedly works as an executive administrator to Chip Connor’s $80 million vintage car collection. Besides that, Miles is also recognized as the son of Ken Miles, a late British sports car racing engineer and driver.

In August 1996, Ken died while testing the Ford J-car, one of Ford’s upcoming race cars. During the tragic moment, his son Peter was just 15 years old.

Not to mention, Ken was famous for his motorsport career in the United States of America and with American groups on the international scene. It’s been a long time since his passing; fans are concerned about his son’s personal life, which have been desired below in depth.

Who Is Peter Miles Wife Patti Montgomery?

Patti Montgomery is the loving wife of Peter Miles. There are no details regarding Patti’s personal and professional life as she came into media prominence after being recognized as the wife of Peter.

It has been reported that Peter’s partner Patti is from Somerset, a ceremonial county in South West England surrounded by Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Dorset, and Devon.

Peter Miles Wife
Peter Miles posted a photo of his wife Patti Montgomery on his Instagram. ( Source: Instagram )

Both Peter and Patti prefer to stay away from media sources, due to which further information regarding their current lifestyle remains unknown.

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Peter Miles and Patti Montgomery Marriage Explored

Peter Miles and his wife Patti Montgomery have been sharing a strong bond for a long time. Peter and Patti tied the knot long ago, but their wedding details remain unknown.

Together, the duo have also attended some public events and have been photographed together multiple times. Furthermore, Peter also has an Instagram handle but is not much active on the platform.

Peter Miles Family
Peter Miles is a family person who mainly prefers to stay away from the media. ( Source: Instagram )

Once, Miles shared a photo of his wife while attending a marriage ceremony at Langar Hall. Like many married couples, Peter and Patti also prefer to enjoy their life privately, staying away from the media.

Due to that, further info about the pair’s married life remains unclear. It is believed that the lovely duo still relishes a blissful life.

How Many Children Does Peter Miles Have?

Peter Miles has been married to his wife, Patti Montgomery, for a long time. Sharing the loving bond of a husband and a wife for many years, the married duo have also begun a family of their own.

Miles and his wife have raised a child together named Jamie Miles. No details regarding his other kids are available, so it can be said that Peter and Patti just gave birth to a single child.

According to Height Line, Peter’s daughter Jamie is already married and lives a happy life with her husband, Jeff Moore. The same media outlet has claimed that Jamie is also a teacher while Jeff is a radio producer.

Peter Miles Image
Peter Miles and his beloved wife Patti Montgomery are the proud parents of their daughter Jamie Miles. ( Source: Instagram )

On the other hand, Jamie and her partner have also given birth to a son whose identity has not been disclosed by the tabloids. Peter’s family keeps a distance from the media and keeps themselves happy in private. 

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