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Peter Shue Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Celeb Party Promoter?

Peter Shue is a name very familiar in Hollywood behind the scenes; he describes himself as a celebrity party prompter. Let’s get to know the Wikipedia of Peter Shue.

Among many other things that Peter is famous for, many mostly know him for being the ex-boyfriend of the legendary singer and songwriter Madonna.

He occasionally calls himself a gangster, but his career began as a basketball player.

There have been reports that Peter used to be a drug dealer to many famous celebrities in his earlier days.

Netizens are now again getting curious about Peter Shue and his Wikipedia after all these years and want to know more about the celebrity party prompter.

Peter Shue Wikipedia: Madonna’s Regret And The Auction Controversy

Peter Shue first came to light during the early ’90s when news broke that he and Madonna were romantically involved with each other.

There have been various talks in the town that to this day Madonna describes Peter as one of her biggest regrets.

Peter Shue insta
Peter Shue is very active on his Instagram where he has 1.5k followers. (Source: Instagram)

It is because recently Madonna was dragged into a controversy involving Peter.

Allegedly, Peter Shue was selling some of Madonna’s personal items to auction, which he got while they were dating.

Madonna is apparently not very happy with this gesture and wants it to stop.

Further, she has threatened Peter to take legal action if he does not stop himself.

However, Peter is not willing to stop and says that Madonna will have to either buy those items herself or from the people who bought them from the auction.

Peter Shue is currently 63 years old as he was born in the year 1959 on April 19th.

In recent years Peter has put a stop to his notorious activities. However, he is to this day known as the drug dealer of the industry.

In the year 2013, Peter came out with a book called The Peter Shue Story: The Life of the Party.

Peter Shue Wikipedia
Peter Shue in his 60s is a completely different person than he was before his jail time. (Source: Instagram)

In the book, he reveals that during his time in Hollywood, he used to hang out with the biggest names in the industry.

Famous names like Wendy Williams, Diddy, Mike Tyson, Keith Sweat, Richard Pryor, Woody Harrelson, etc., were regular at his parties.

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From Controversy To Quiet Reflection: Peter Shue’s Life After Madonna And Prison

In the book, he also reveals that Madonna was the one responsible for setting him up.

It was Madonna who was responsible for putting Peter behind bars for 20 years.

Madonna allegedly made a promise to Peter to help him be a big name in the industry.

The Peter and Madonna saga may never come to an end, but both the ex-lovers are enjoying their 60s.

Peter Shue Madonna
Madonna and Peter Shue were the talk of the town during their famous relationship and it stands out on his Wikipedia. (Source: Instagram)

Peter Shue, currently actively shares various Bible verses on his Instagram account.

Looks like the ex-self-proclaimed gangster has decided to become a child of god now.

The ex-celebrity party prompter lives a quiet life now and rarely makes his appearance at any parties.

Recently, he was on a red carpet where he took pictures with many basketball players.

He was also at a basketball game with another young celebrity Kristina Williams, who is the granddaughter of Chaz Williams.

Making a clarification to netizens who were showing concerns about Kristina, Peter wrote that he’s like an uncle to her.

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