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Meet The 14 year Old Murderer Philip Chism Parents: Stacy & Diana Chism

Philip Chism was found guilty of first-degree murder and rape of his teacher, and he was only 14 at the time of the murder. After Philip Chism case came into public interest, his parents and family had to go through a lot.

Born on October 8, 1999, in Clarksville, Tennessee, Philip Chism was the only son of his parents.

On October 22, 2013, in the rage over teacher punishment, Philip Chims murdered his teacher, stabbing him 16 times.

He was too young to admit that crime as he was just 14 years old when he stabbed her.

Philip not only followed her to the school bathroom but also raped her multiple times and murdered her.

He then rolled her body to the recycle bin and dumped her in the woods behind the school grounds.

In 2015, Philip faced the charge of murder, rape, and arm robbery and was convicted of all charges in 2016.

Many people online began to criticize the tragedy, and their attention shifted toward Philip Chism parents.

Philip Chism Parents: Stacy & Diana Chism

Philip Chism was born to parents Stacy Chism and Diana Amanda Chism.

In September 1998, they tied the knot and Diana gave birth to Philip in January 1999.

In March 2001, Diana filed for divorce. However, the divorce was not finalized.

Chim’s parents, Stacy and Diana Chims, never thought this day would come.

His family has remained in the shadows after his heinous crime and their son’s arrest.

Diana Chism in court
Diana Chism said her son attends school, plays soccer, and comes home. (Source: The Salem News)

After the incident, many obstacles confronted Diana Chims, and she felt offended by her son’s act.

In addition, in a statement released shortly, they said :

We are deeply saddened and heartbroken by Ritzer’s death and also shocked by his devastating behavior.

Besides, they have never commented on his son’s case but were found attending all his court trials.

Moreover, in an interview, his father, Stacy, says he loves his son and believes in rehabilitation.

Similarly, it was not just a crime by Philip, but he kept Danvers community in a wholesome shock.

Besides, his crime was even more shocking because of his young age.

Sadly, the scar of his son’s action never left Philip Chism parents to live their lives again with heads held high.

Philip Chism’s Girlfriend, Hannah Walker

The former girlfriend of Chism expressed her shock at the teen’s alleged slaying of Ritzer.

Chism dated 14-year-old Hannah Walker in his hometown of Clarkesville, Tennessee.

As students from Danvers High School returned to class for the first time since the slaying of teacher Colleen Ritzer, Walker described the boy she knew.

She told the Boston Globe that,

I know people are like, “You’re only in middle school, you’re too young for love.” But I fell in love with him over a long period.

Philip Chism with mother and girlfriend
Walker (right) says that before he left for Massachusetts, Chism told her he loved her. (Source: Daily Mail)

Walker says she and Chism became friends in sixth grade. They became close in a year and walked home together every day.

She would steal his hat so that he’d come looking for it. Similarly, once, they danced in the rain after they got off the school bus.

‘I remember it like yesterday,’ she told the Boston Globe. Walker says she was heartbroken when Chism left Tennessee.

Philip Chism soccer
Philip Chism played on the school’s junior varsity soccer team. (Source: Business Insider)

According to neighbors, the new place and the move also traumatized Philip.

He maintained hope that his mother would change her mind even as she drove him and his sister north in her van.

The Boston Globe reports that Chism was well-known around his Clarkesville neighborhood and had a lot of friends.

Often, he used to play soccer or skateboard during his school days.

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