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Phoebe Bridgers Dad Death And Obituary: Who Killed her Father? Family Tree

Phoebe Bridgers is an American musician who recently shared her dad’s death news. This article provides detailed information about Phoebe Bridgers’s dad’s death. 

American singer-songwriter-musician Phoebe Lucille Bridgers, better known by her stage name Phoebe Bridgers, is also a record producer.

Bridgers went through a very rough time recently after her Father passed away on January 3, 2023. The singer announced the news through her Instagram post.

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Phoebe Bridgers Dad Death And Obituary

Bridgers shares her hard time with fans through her Instagram post. The singer posted a picture of her alongside her late Father and wrote, “rest in peace dad,”

She singer can be seen with red hair sitting with her Father, listenings to music together through headphones.

Phoebe Bridgers shared a picture with her dad, with caption rest in peace dad.
Phoebe Bridgers shared a picture with her dad, with the caption, “rest in peace dad.” (Image Source: Instagram)

Bridgers had a complicated relationship with her father. In September 2019, in a profile for GQ, She revealed that her parents separated when she was 20. She said her Father was abusive and had drug things when she was a child.

In 2020 Bridgers released a song, Kyoto describing her dad and her frustration towards him. She also mentioned uncertainty about whether she will be able to forgive him or not for his past actions.

During an interview with NPR, she revealed her Father is emotionally unavailable but also present in a bizarre way.

She said, “It’s nice to not feel, like, emotionally trapped all the time with stuff that you carry into your life, Like, I think I was angry for a long time, and… the song is basically about, like, not being angry anymore.”

Bridgers’s Father worked as a carpenter and set builder for films and television shows. Bridgers credits her Father for her distinct taste in music.

Who Killed her Father?

The cause of Bridgers’s Father’s death hasn’t been revealed yet.

No article was published about the death cause, and no one from his family has personally shared the cause. We hope that the end was natural.

It does not seem someone killed him; the news would have gone crazy if it was a murder case. 

So, the cause of her Father death has not been disclosed yet. If it is a murder case, the news will be published soon.

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PPhoebe Bridgers was born in Pasadena, California, on August 17, 1994. She was conceived by Jamie Gandola, her mother, and her deceased father, whose name is unknown.

Phoebe Bridgers
Phoebe Bridgers’ Mother, Jamie Bridgers, Finds Her Voice Doing Alternative Comedy. (Image Source: Variety)

Her mother was a receptionist, and her Father was a television set builder. Bridgers grew up together with her younger brother, Jackson Bridgers.

She studied vocal jazz at Los Angeles County High School and completed her graduation from the Sequoyah School.

Before starting her solo career, she was a Sloppy Jane musical group member. She released her album, Stranger In the Alps, in 2017 and her second album Punisher in 2020.

Bridgers is currently dating Bo Burnham. While the couple hasn’t confirmed the news, the Deux U podcast claims that people have seen Bridgers and Burnham making out and canoodling.

Bridgers has been in a relationship with Paul Mescal since 2020. The couple had an engagement a few months earlier but got split recently.

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