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How Many Phoebe Buffay Tattoo Are There? Quirky Meaning And Symbol

Pheobe Buffay always makes fans love her with her wholesome and quirky personality. She does everything that she wants to, but did Phoebe Buffay get the tattoo? Friends have various opinions.

Our beloved Phoebe Buffay, portrayed by actress Lisa Kudrow, is known to be a very quirky character.

Despite her harsh difficulties growing up, she tries her best to stay happy with her own set of life principles.

Phoebe Buffay is a masseuse and big folk music enthusiast in the show with her most popular song, ‘Smelly Cat.’

Her unique personality, hilarious songwriting skills, and acoustic guitar make her stand out in the Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village.

Friends Saga: How Many Phoebe Buffay Tattoo Are There?

In season 2, episode 16: The One Where Joey Moves Out, Phoebe and Rachel decide to get a tattoo together.

Joey asks Rachael and Phoebe about what tattoos they are going to get.

Amazingly, friends always share everything without any hesitation. (Source: Youtube)

Phoebe answers very casually that she is going to get a Lilly to pay tribute to her late mother, Lily.

After this, Joey asks the girls where they are getting their tattoos. To which Phoebe immediately answers, “On my shoulder”.

But as Rachel is about to say something, Ross enters the apartment. And asks, “What’s under the shoulder?” Phoebe answers, “A chip.”

Ross looks in disbelief, and Phoebe, unable to lie, says that she is getting a tattoo.

But he clearly states that he does not understand why she would get a tattoo. By adding that if it messes up, it’s like getting a bad haircut for life.

Rachel and phoebe tattoo parlor
Rachel and Phoebe have such an amazing bond, which is often overlooked. (Source: YouTube)

Later, when they finally reach the tattoo parlor, Rachel gets a bit cold feet, but Phoebe convinces her.

Rachel gets a cute heart tattoo on her lower back and shows it off proudly to Phoebe.

But when she asks Phoebe to show her tattoo, she hesitates and later admits that she did not get it.

She realized that tattoos are made from needles and decided not to. Rachel somehow makes her sit on the table to get a tattoo.

But as soon as the needle touches her skin, she screams and runs away.

So, even though Phoebe Buffay tattoo could be mistaken as a blue freckle, she does have one small tattoo on her shoulder.

Phoebe Buffay Unique Tattoo on Friends: Quirky Meaning And Symbol

Richard and Monica try searching for the tattoo on her shoulder when she shows it off, but they do not see it.

Rachel says it’s not a tattoo, to which Phoebe replies that it was what she wanted.

Phoebe described her tattoo as “the view of the earth as seen from a great-great distance.”

She also added, “It’s the way my mother sees me from heaven.”

Phoebe Buffay tattoo
Richard and Monica might have never seen a smaller tattoo. (Source: YouTube)

Her adorable explanation leaves Richard and Monica in awe for her, but Rachel replies, “Oh! What a load of crap!”

It pisses up Rachel and shows Phoebe what an actual tattoo looks like. But right then, Ross enters the room.

Rachel gets anxious and hesitates, but Ross ends up liking it. So, in the end, everything ended well, as it always does in Friends.

Phoebe will definitely never get another tattoo now, but it is very cool that the one tattoo she has got signifies the ‘Whole World.’

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