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Piers Morgan Vs Bassem Youssef: The Podcast Is Raising Fire In Twitter

The interview of Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef has been garnering attention online, and people want more interaction between the two personalities.

Bassem Raafat Mohamed Youssef is an Egyptian comedian, television host, and surgeon.

He is best known in his media career for having hosted Al Bernameg, a satirical comedy show focused on Egyptian politics.

Further, Youssef’s comedic style has led to him being dubbed “Egypt’s Jon Stewart” in the press.

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan is an English broadcaster, journalist, writer and television personality.

As a television presenter, Morgan hosted the ITV talk show Piers Morgan’s Life Stories along with Piers Morgan Live.

Recently, the discussion on Piers Morgan Uncensored with the host vs Bassem Youssef has taken the internet by storm, and many want to know more.

Piers Morgan Vs Bassem Youssef: The Podcast Is Raising Fire On Twitter

In a now-viral interview of Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef, the comedian applied dark humor to expose the truth.

On the Tuesday episode of the show, Youssef managed to reveal Palestinian dehumanization.

Further, he went to lengths to talk about anti-Arab sentiment and Islamophobia.

During the talk, Youssef jokes about his Palestinian wife using their children as shields.

Bassem Youssef
Bassem Youssef uses dark comedy to reveal hard political truths. (Source: Instagram)

With this, the comedian refers to the propaganda about human shields often used as a way to justify Israel’s killing of innocent Palestinian civilians.

However, Youssef didn’t intend his comedy to make us laugh.

It was to make us feel grief and provoke a discussion against the Western media and their framing of the war.

Throughout the Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef interview, the Egyptian host questions Israel’s actions.

Moreover, he pointed out the attacks in the West Bank, where there is no presence of Hamas.

Yousseff then demanded the justification for all the lives taken since October 7, 2023.

In addition, Youssef also calls out Ben Shapiro and Ron DeSantis on their biased narratives.

However, he also voiced his criticism towards both Hamas and the desensitization of civilian deaths.

Piers Morgan show with Bassem Youssef
Bassem questioned the Israeli brutality in a recent interview. (Source: Twitter)

Further, Youssef posed a crucial question about the appropriate response to such a tragic incident.

Currently, the Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef interview has over 19 million views on YouTube.

Likewise, it has reached far corners of the internet as many found the humorous take entertaining.

On platforms like Twitter, the interview has sparked both praise and criticism towards the comedian.

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Bassem Youssef Returns For Face-To-Face Round Two

After the recent interview, Youssef has officially become Morgan’s most-watched guest on his show.

It surpassed Andrew Tate’s conversation with Morgan, which currently stands at 13 million views.

Further, the announcement on Twitter stated that Youssef will return for round two on October 31.

Moreover, the follow-up face-to-face interview will possibly include pro-Israel commentator Ben Shapiro.

Bassem Youssef interview round two
Bassem is set to return for the second round of debate with Morgan. (Source: Instagram)

The previous discussion has racked up millions of views in less than a week and has taken over the internet.

Yousseff addressed several key points about the current war and what comes with it.

Likewise, many international newspapers noted Youssef’s use of dark humor to convey the gravity of the situation.

The Egyptian comedian described the 33-minute segment as truly enjoyable.

Until last March, Morgan actually blocked Yousseff on Twitter.

After the former interview aired, Youssef took to Twitter to claim that the conversation was cut short.

Bassem Youssef photo
Bassem has received both praise and criticism for Morgan’s episode. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Youssef suggested round two for their conversation, and more than 22k users retweeted it.

He then jokingly suggested the team fly him out to London on first class to continue the talk.

Popularly known for his satirical takes on heavy political topics, Youseff is sure to create another notable interview.

Now, people online wait patiently for the new episode which features their remarkable comedian.

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