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Please Hold Movie Wikipedia: Plot Summary, Cast, And Season Renewal

Please Hold movie has taken the internet by storm, winning two awards and several nominations, so here is its plot summary, Wikipedia, and more.

Please Hold is a movie created by KD Dávila, a Latina filmmaker best known for being an Oscar-nominated screenwriter from Los Angeles.

The movie is about Mateo, a Latino from a working-class background.

This film cleverly criticizes the money-focused prison system and how it affects disadvantaged communities.

As for the awards won, it received the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Short.

Additionally, the same year, it was awarded the Special Jury Award for the Best U.S. Short at Palm Springs International ShortFest.

While netizens search for online platforms to watch the Please Hold movie, some look for its cast and plot summary on Wikipedia.

Please Hold Movie Wikipedia: Plot Summary

The movie Please Hold begins with Mateo’s arrest by a police drone, and there’s no explanation.

The authorities throw him into a fully automated jail, and he can’t find a way to challenge his arrest or seek justice.

As the story unfolds, Mateo’s mission becomes finding a real human to help him fix his wrongful arrest and navigate this confusing system.

Moreover, he faces many obstacles and frustrations along the way, showing how the profit-focused prison system dehumanizes people.

However, despite the challenges, Mateo remains determined. He refuses to accept that he’s powerless in this system.

Mateo in Please Hold movie looking around
Erick Lopez played Mateo in the Please Hold movie (Source: IMDB)

Throughout his journey, he also sees how the prison system treats people differently based on their class, especially those from marginalized communities.

At a crucial point, Mateo discovers a secret network of activists and individuals working behind the scenes to expose the corruption and inequality within the prison system.

Together, they come up with a plan to disrupt the automated machinery and draw attention to the system’s flaws.

The movie’s most intense part is when Mateo and the activists work together to uncover the truth and make the public aware.

Their actions change the power dynamics and make the authorities address the problems in the system.

The film ends on a positive note, suggesting that when people unite and resist, they can bring about change and hold the system accountable.

In summary, Please Hold movie and its Wikipedia tell the story of Mateo’s struggle to fight the cold and automated privatized American justice system.

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Please Hold: Cast And Season Renewal

Another part of Please Hold movie Wikipedia is the cast.

According to IMDB, there are eight casts, with 3 being onlookers. Additionally, four cast did voiceovers.

Mateo looking shocked with despair
Erick Lopez, who played Mateo in the movie, is a fan of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys. (Source: Indiewire)

Here’s a summary of the cast and their roles:

  • Erick Lopez as Mateo
  • Doreen Calderon as Mamá Torres
  • Daniel Edward Mora as Papá Torres
  • Ruben Dávila as Guillermo Lima
  • John Alton as Ben Saperstein
  • Devon Dávila as Onlooker
  • Rubina Dávila as Onlooker
  • Nadia Trinidad as Onlooker
  • Greg Karber did Automated Public Defender (voice)
  • Dani Messerschmidt did Correcticorp AI (voice)
  • Brian Paison did Various (voice)
  • Shaun S. Sutton did ‘Ready-to-Win’ Commercial (voice)

As for the season renewal, there’s no news about it, even though it was released three years ago.

Likely, the movie won’t get another season as it’s only a 19-minute short movie.

Moreover, it already concluded towards the end, confirming that it won’t be getting a sequel.

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