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Who Is Pokimane Brother, Mo? Siblings And Family

Pokimane is one of the most famous female Twitch streamers, and netizens love her for her cute personality. What most do not know is that Pokimane has an elder brother, and his name is Mo.

Imane Anys, famously known as Pokimane, is a Moroccan and Canadian social media influencer and a Twitch streamer.

She was born in the year 1998 May 14, in Morocco, where she spent the first four years of her life.

Her parents decided to move to Canada to pursue higher education.

She is now the most followed female streamer on Twitch and also a co-founder of OfflineTV, which is an online entertainment group of various influencers.

Talking about her family, she is not the only video game enthusiast in her home. Her brother Mo is the one who first got Pokimane into video games.

Unbreakable Sibling Connection: Pokimane and Brother Mo’s Gaming Journey

Pokimane’s brother Mo, whose real name is Mohamed Tawfik Anys, is three years older than her, and growing up, they were more like friends than siblings.

The brother and sister had the same hobbies of video games, and they loved playing with each other.

Pokimane brother
Mo, unlike Pokimane, likes to keep a very private life. (Source: Instagram)

When Mo gave his sister Pokimane his old video games, she discovered her passion for them.

Not only his old games, Mo also gave away his old cartridges from consoles like the Game Biy, Nintendo DS, and Wii.

This small decision not only made their bond stronger but also resulted in Pokimane being the big gaming sensation that she is today.

These days, Pokimane and Mo’s relationship remains strong, and they often come in live streams together.

Many of Pokimane’s fans enjoy the sibling banter when Pokimane and her brother Mo play video games together.

Pokimane insta
Besides being an influencer, Pokimane is also very active in helping the needy. (Source: Instagram)

It also appears that both the brother and sister also share the same group of friends.

People enjoy it when Pokimane and her brother Mo get competitive with each other.

This makes the game they are watching even more interesting, and both siblings do not like to lose.

Siblings Bond: Pokimane’s Childhood Adventures and Family Ties

One instance that shows how beautiful the relationship between Pokimane and her brother Mo comes from their childhood.

Pokimane recalls her brother Mo coming home with tears in his eyes.

When she asks what had happened, Mo replies that he got beat by the bullies in the play area.

Pokimane was only four years old at that time, and she went to confront the bullies herself.

She goes and asks one of the bullies if they had hit her brother, and the answer is yes, with no hesitation.

When she heard it, she immediately decided to smack the bully.

Pokimane thinks that was a funny incident, but it shows how nice her bond was with her brother Mo.

Pokimane mirror selfie
Pokimane is indeed a very great sister to her brother Mo. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from brother Mo, Pokimane also has another brother who is younger than her.

Pokimane often makes jokes about the struggles of being a middle child but also shares that she has special privileges because of being the only girl child.

The parents of Pokimane are both Moroccan, and they like to keep their identity hidden.

We know her father is a businessman, and her mother is a homemaker.

Their decision to move from Morocco to Canada made a huge difference in their kid’s lives.

Pokimane currently holds dual citizenship and identifies herself as both Canadian and Morrocan.

It was possible because Pokimane was still a very young child when she came to Canada.

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