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Meet Preacher Lawson Brother Justin Lawson: Wikipedia And Age

We all know the famous comedian Preacher Lawson, the person who was able to make millions of people laugh. Preacher Lawson brother, Justin Lawson, is no less. Let’s dive into Justin’s journey in comedy.

With his amazing performance on the famous show America’s Got Talent.

But very few may know that his brother Justin Lawson is also on the path of comedy, pursuing his dreams.

Justin might have been introduced to you by Preacher as his funny, silly, and goofy brother from his various Instagram posts dedicated to him.

But did you know Justin is equally as amazing at making people laugh as his brother?

Preacher Lawson Brother Justin Lawson: Wikipedia & Age

Justin Lawson was born in Portland, Oregon, and while growing up, he was able to experience different lives in 20 different locations.

His family constantly moved around from city to city until Justin was 10.

Jusin and Preacher Lawson
Preacher and Justin share the same passion, which is so amazing. (Source: Instagram)

Justin spent most of his life in Memphis, Tennessee, among these many cities.

Justin says that most of his upbringing was in Tennessee, which left a lasting impression on his life.

While Tennessee remains one of the places Justin admires the most.

In Orlando, Florida, he discovered his true calling in comedy. He began his journey there.

Preacher Lawson not only serves the role of a brother to Justin, but he has also played a very important role in his career.

Justin lawson on stage
Justin makes the audience tear up laughing when he is on stage. (Source: Instagram)

The brothers are always acting very goofy with each other.

It was due to one of their goofiness that led Justin to finally do an on-stage comedy routine.

Preacher Lawson challenged his brother Justin to step foot on the stage, and Justin completed the challenge.

Justin was 21 when he performed his first performance in 2019, making him 24 years old.

Little did he know that it was the beginning of a fruitful career that would introduce him to many worldwide audiences.

Justin Lawson: Rising Through Laughter and Talent Beyond the Shadow

He is not some random person who goes on stage and just reads a script on demand.

Justin has been able to reach the semifinals of a very famous comedy competition in San Francisco.

The competition has been launching many talents throughout the years.

Not only that, Justin has also been a part of Kevin Hart’s LOL Network.

Justin has achieved a lot at such a young age as a comedian. (Source: Instagram)

His participation in the show increased his reach to an even wider audience, making him known among important names in Hollywood.

We all know Preacher Lawson has been incredibly successful after his appearances on America’s Got Talent.

But Justin, instead of being in his brother’s shadow, has been able to make his name in the comedic scene.

Justin and Preacher share a very heartwarming brother relationship; they are extremely playful with each other.

Preacher lawson brother
Preacher Lawson and Justin act more like friends than a brother. (Source: Instagram)

They often take lighthearted jabs at each other, which their fans enjoy very much.

Sometimes, Preacher Lawson takes a dig at brother Justin, calling him stupid and silly, to which Justin reacts in an equally funny way.

Justin often takes inspiration from his real-life experiences for his comedy routines.

He often jokes about how he was this introverted kid in school who used to be made fun of because of his glasses.

It is exceptional to see artists, instead of letting themselves get intimidated by their hard life experiences, using them to entertain and inspire others.

Justin does leave a mark whenever he steps foot on the stage.

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