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Preet Vikal Parents: Who Are They? Family Tree

A 20-year-old Indian boy has been sentenced to six years and nine months imprisonment. Details on Preet Vikal’s parents and family tree. 

Preet Vikal is currently in the limelight for the CCTV footage where the 20 years old boy was seen carrying the semi-conscious victim in his arms and later across his shoulders. 

Further, Vikal has been receiving backlash on social media following his arrest. He was arrested and sentenced to prison after confessing to raping a woman whom he met in the club last year.

Moreover, Vikal has a Facebook page he created on April 14, 2019. On his Facebook page, Preet used to share some snaps, and his images show that he used to go to many places during his spare time.

In the comment section, many people have criticized him for his actions, and some of them have even asked to expose his family details to the media.

Preet Vikal Parents: Who Are They?

Preet Vikal parents are currently in the limelight, but their names have not been shared with the media yet. Many people are eager to know about Vikal’s father and mother, but the official sources have not given any info.

Likewise, it can be clear that his parents are from India, and they may now be living in their native land. It is reported that Vikal was the first in his family to go to university and the first in his village to go overseas and study. 

Preet Vikal parents
Preet Vikal was caught in a CCTV footage carrying the woman through Cardiff. (Source: BBC)

Furthermore, Preet was fulfilling his dreams for the UK and those of his parents. Now, Preet has been making headlines for his actions as he raped a woman from the UK, and his family members may be aware of the ongoing situation.

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Preet Vikal Family Tree Explored

Preet Vikal was raised in a family based in a village north of Delhi. As of now, there are no details regarding Vikal’s family. Also, it remains unclear whether he is a single child of his parents or was raised with his siblings.

Preet Vikal Family Tree
Preet Vikal posted a photo on Facebook and people are criticizing him. (Source: Facebook)

Due to his recent incident, the family of Vikal has also been receiving criticism. Social media users have been sharing their opinions on Vikal’s Facebook posts. In one of Vikal’s posts, a person wrote,

“It’s time parents understood that they must earn the right way and, in the process, impart moral lessons to their kids, else the circle of natural justice will complete itself, and they will find the next generation all screwed up. Am sure the boy reflects the ill-gotten wealth of his parents.”

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Where Is Preet Vikal Now?

Preet Vikal has already been arrested and has been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. He was imprisoned recently for his action on June 4, 2022.

Vikal was caught on CCTV camera carrying the victim in his arms and later across his shoulders, reportedly in Cardiff city center, Wales. The footage and Vikal’s Instagram message with the woman helped him get arrested.

Preet Vikal Now
Preet Vikal has been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison. (Source: Facebook)

Further, Preet took advantage of an intoxicated and vulnerable young lady who became separated from her friends. He encountered the woman while she was on a night out with friends in Cardiff.

More to this, Vikal carried the lady and raped her in the North Road area. 

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