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Prisca Mwaro Death And Obituary: How Did Ababu Namwamba Ex-Wife Die? Divorce History

People are interested in learning more about Kenyan politician Ababu Namwamba’s ex-wife, Prisca Mwaro death, and their divorce history.

President William Ruto nominated Ababu as the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports & the Arts. He received his legal education abroad in Kenya and Washington, D.C.

He has served as the Kenyan Labour Party’s chairman since 2016. In addition, Ababu served as the Republic of Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ most recent Chief Administrative Officer.

Namwamba was first chosen to serve as a member of the Orange Democratic Movement’s constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya during the 2007 legislative elections in that country.

He served as the ODM’s Parliamentary Secretary from 2008 until 2013, and he held the role of Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs from 2012 until the ODM lost its majority in the 2013 election.

Namwamba left his position as secretary general of ODM in 2016. He believed Party Leader Raila Odinga could no longer win over supporters. He joined the freshly revived Kenyan Labour Party, and since September 2016, he has served as its Leader.

The Labour Party declared in March 2017 that it would back Uhuru Kenyatta’s bid for the presidency in the August 2017 poll. In that race, Namwamba lost his Budalang’i seat.

Priscah served as an administrator for KenGen up until her death. Though she occasionally let her followers into her life through lighthearted posts on social media, she was largely silent before she passed away.

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Prisca Mwaro Death And Obituary: How Did Ababu Namwamba Ex-Wife Die? Divorce History

A close relative verified Prisca Mwaro death, and her body has since been taken to the MP Shah Hospital morgue. However, the cause of Prisca Mwaro death was never made public online.

Hence, the question How Did Ababu Namwamba Ex-Wife Die? is yet to be answered by her family members. However, they are going through a difficult time, so we must provide them with the privacy they want.

Prisca Mwaro death
Prisca Mwaro death news is trending on social media. (Source: Twitter)

However, we know that Prisca Mwaro, Ababu Namwamba’s ex-wife, died at her Nairobi residence. Prisca turned seven yesterday, March 7, and this morning, the birthday messages on her Facebook timeline were swiftly replaced by notes of peace.

Sadly, no further details about Prisca were found on the internet as she lived away from the spotlight after her split with her ex-husband, and hence, no information about her was found.

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Prisca Mwaro And Ababu Namwamba Divorce History Explored

Prisca and Ababu were a little secretive regarding their personal life, as they have yet to reveal much information about their marriage and other details to the public.

However, Priscah married Ababu for eight years and had three beautiful children. Sadly, not much was found about their children on the internet at the time of writing this article.

Prisca Mwaro kid
Prisca Mwaro with her kids and ex-husband. (Source: Facebook)

As they shared their happy moments with their online followers, Prisca and Ababu’s love for one another was admired by many. However, as destiny would have it, they abruptly split up in 2019.

The pair claimed that the primary cause of their separation was mutual accusations of infidelity. In a previous interview, Priscah’s sibling, Patrick Mwaro, argued that attempts to patch things up between the two failed because Ababu refused to accept Priscah back.

Sadly, no further information regarding their divorce was found on the internet at the time of writing this article.

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