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Why Is Putri Ariani Death Rumor Circulating? AGT Talent Truth

After capturing many fans’ hearts, rumors about the death of Putri Ariani began to circulate. Let’s explore how the rumors about Putri Ariani’s demise started.

Putri Ariani was born on December 31, 2005, in Bangkinang, Kampar, Riau, Indonesia.

Not just a singer, Putri is a musical prodigy. At just the age of 17, she made her mark on AGT.

However, she first gained fame by winning Indonesia’s Got Talent in 2014, showcasing her incredible musical talents.

Further, her journey continued on America’s Got Talent, where she amazed audiences in Season 18.

Her audition on AGT went viral, with over 53 million views on YouTube. What made her story even more remarkable was when Judge Simon gave her the Golden Buzzer.

Putri’s challenging life and how she handled it have made people curious about her health and well-being. Recently, people have been concerned about the rumor of the death of Putri Ariani.

How Did The Rumor Of Putri Ariani Death Started?

Putri Ariani’s journey into this world was filled with challenges.

She was born prematurely at six months and 18 days due to placenta previa and spent three months in a hospital incubator. However, her struggles didn’t end there.

She later received a cataract diagnosis and underwent surgery on her right eye in Singapore.

But sadly, it didn’t restore her vision. At just three months old, doctors declared Putri completely blind.

Putri with her disable friend all six of smiling
Putri with her friend on International Day of Disability (Source: Instagram)

Putri’s parents, Ismawan Kurnianto and Reni Alfianty have supported her throughout her life.

Growing up, Putri faced bullying because of her appearance. Still, she didn’t let it deter her from pursuing her musical dreams.

Likewise, the rumors about the death of Putri Ariani likely started because of her challenging condition.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to know that Putri Ariani is alive and healthy. She seems active on her Instagram profile, where she sounds healthy and even happy.

Moreover, her recent TEDx performance showcased her strength and determination.

Putri Ariani not death but smiling as wide as she can with pink hijab blue jacket
In the AGT audition, Putri left judges spellbound with her incredible vocals (Source: Instagram)

Putri was born blind but never let that hold her back, inspiring others with her message that everyone has their potential.

Despite the hardships she’s faced, Putri makes it all seem effortless. This is why she’s truly remarkable.

Hence, it isn’t confirmed how the rumor about the death of Putri Ariani circulated.

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Where Is The Talent, Ariani, Now?

The talented Indonesian singer-songwriter Putri Ariani is now focusing on her music career after her impressive journey on America’s Got Talent.

Her incredible talent and determination are well-known despite being blind due to a premature birth.

In the AGT finale, she earned a spot in the top 5 after she performed Run by Snow Patrol. Regardless, her journey and remarkable vocal abilities left a lasting impact.

After the show, Putri expressed her gratitude on her Instagram profile.

Putri Ariani in cream silver dress with judges of AGT In the AGT stage
Putri thanked AGT for the support (Source: Instagram)

Although her fourth-place finish on AGT disappointed many, she received encouragement from judge and creator Simon Cowell.

Currently, she is living in Indonesia, continuously making her mark in the music industry.

She is gaining recognition both in her home country and internationally.

However, we don’t have widespread knowledge about her current projects. But Putri Ariani is determined to earn greater recognition in the music industry.

Moreover, her story is truly inspirational. Despite facing challenges from birth, she persevered and embraced her passion for music.

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