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Quantum TV Real Name And Age: How Old Is The Youtuber?

The creator of Quantum TV real name is unavailable. Quantum Tv is a YouTube channel run by an American tech YouTuber and reviewer who mostly reviews TV and calibrates display hardware.

Despite its programming, Quantum TV rose to fame for its contentious remarks on the LGBTQ+ community and its responses to accusations of fraudulent copyright abuse.

Many are curious to know the channel Quantum Tv real name as news of the creator being arrested by the police is trending on social media platforms.

The Youtuber has lately found himself in legal issues because of his arrest, drawing attention from the internet community.

The originator of the content has developed a reputation for asserting ownership through copyright claims against several videos made by other people. Notably, he had a protracted dispute with Kelly, another YouTuber who goes by the moniker “The Act Man.”

A screenshot of a public record revealing Quantum TV’s arrest was provided by a Twitter user with the handle @rambotweety1 today, on April 24.

According to the article, the YouTuber has been accused of committing a first-degree crime for domestic abuse.

Quantum TV Real Name And Age

Quantum Tv real name is missing from the internet.

The YouTuber has lived a secretive life and has not disclosed his private details to his admirers. Hence, many are having a hard time finding the real name for Quantum Tv real name.

Despite missing Quantum Tv real name, people can find other information regarding the reviewer’s Youtube channel.

On August 10, 2017, Quantum TV launched its channel. On June 30, 2018, the creator uploaded his debut video. On August 5, 2021, 50,000 subscribers joined the Quantum channel.

Likewise, the Quantum Tv age is also a mystery. As per the uploaded pictures on the web, the Quantum Tv channel creator might be in his late twenties.

Quantum Tv is a tech Youtube channel that evaluates different media, including TVs and movies, as well as technology-related goods.

Quantum TV real name
Quantum TV real name is missing from the internet. (Source: YouTube)

As of now, the Youtube channel has gained over 80.5k subscribers and accumulated over 22 million views in all his uploaded content.

Quantum TV offers sellout-free, authentic evaluations that are supported by you, the viewer. Here, one may see the newest TVs, movies, video games, and home entertainment equipment.

With expertly created visual changes one has to see to believe and raise the bar on any TV the creator has put up.

The YouTuber was detained on April 14, 2023, according to the post, which also includes more information about the case. According to the post, the YouTuber’s bond is set at $500.

The hearing for Quantum TV has been set by the court for May 30, 2023, in the Sanford Criminal Justice Center.

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Quantum TV Controversy

Quantum TV published a video review of the video game Elden Ring in March 2022. His primary objections about the game drew criticism from many who believed his reasoning to be unfounded, the most well-known of which was a game that’s not for everyone is not a game that should be made.

Mischief called Quantum TV out for having a “bad take” in a reaction video he recorded on March 15, 2022, in response to their evaluation.

Then Mischief released a video criticizing Quantum TV for erroneously claiming copyright against his video since it used his material. Additionally, he asserts that Quantum TV ordered Elden Ring participants to commit suicide.

Quantum TV arrested
Quantum TV was arrested by the police on April 24. (Source: encyclopediadramatica )

Quantum TV said that Mischief had taken too much of his footage and had uploaded and then removed a response to the video.

The Act Man responded to Quantum TV’s assessment and the copyright strike drama between Quantum and Mischief with a video titled “The WORST Elden Ring Hot Takes” uploaded on April 10, 2022.

The YouTuber tweeted on April 19, 2022, to share a copyright strike request Quantum TV had made against his video.

The Act Man posted their DMs later that day, in which Quantum TV claimed that using his removed video content from the review constituted piracy.

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