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Queen Cleopatra: Craig Russell Weight Loss Journey: Before And After

Craig Russell Weight Loss: Since the English actor recently lost a lot of weight because of a brain tumor, his fans are concerned about his weight loss and health.

Craig Russell has a busy schedule. For the past three decades, his producing, acting, and writing jobs have carried him all over the world; even at his house in Cornwall, he doesn’t like to take it easy.

The London native is constantly on the go, whether it’s chasing after his two sons or working out in the gym. The prolific and dedicated actor was born on July 16 1977 in Lewisham, London, England, UK, and stands at a height of 6 feet.

Furthermore, the acting personality is widely known for his roles in Canaries (2017), Alright Now (2018), and Magpie (2013).

Besides, with around 65 acting credits under his belt, Craig has been able to captivate the hearts and attention of many people worldwide. 

Overall, Craig Russell is a beloved performer and an important figure in London and beyond. His work as an actor & producer has also helped to break down barriers and pave the way for greater acceptance.

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Queen Cleopatra: Craig Russell Weight Loss Journey: Before And After

The actor who is all set to feature in the 2023 TV Mini-Series Queen Cleopatra as Mark Anthony shares a successful professional life, but his personal life hasn’t stayed the same throughout.

His personal life has seen a lot of ups and downs and especially his health has deteriorated over the years which has caused his significant weight loss. As a result, his fans are searching for Craig Russell’s weight loss journey and his before and after pictures.

Queen Cleopatra’s actor, Craig Russell, has gone through a major weight loss in recent years, and various incidents in his life have impacted these fluctuations.

The always busy and in-rush London native, Craig Russell was also compelled to slow down in his life since in February 2023, it has revealed that Craig was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Doctors have said that Craig, who is from Cwmtwrch, may have had a brain tumor developing there for 15 years without his awareness.

Craig Russell Weight Loss
Craig Russell went through a significant weight loss journey because of his brain tumor diagnosis. (Source: Wales Online)

After suffering from excruciating headaches and strange memory loss for several weeks, including forgetting how to exit his own spare room, Craig finally made an appointment with his doctor. Within a few weeks, he underwent urgent brain surgery.

However, now it seems that Craig has other ambitions even when life tells him to slow down. For instance, one of his biggest acting ventures to date, portraying Marc Antony in the Netflix series Queen Cleopatra, under Jada Pinkett Smith’s production,  was released less than two months later following his major surgery in March.

Craig Russell Health Update

As of writing this article, the acting personality, Craig Russell is recently leading a healthy life and isn’t facing some major health problems.

Following his brain surgery, the actor focuses on his health and priotitizes his physical well-being over anything.

Craig Russell Weight Loss
Craig now leads a healthy and content personal life. (Source: IMDb)

Fans can also follow up and check his recent acting work from his big acting project, Queen Cleopatra. The actor is healing from his tumor diagnosis and we wish him a speedy recovery. 

Who Is Craig Russell Wife Kate Edney?

No matter how tough life gets, Craig has already found a person who makes his complicated life less complicated. It’s his wife, actress Kate Edney, who he has been married to since September 10, 2011.

Furthermore, Craig Russell’s wife, Kate Edney is also an actress who has been involved in the entertainment industry since 2009. She has featured in several acting ventures such as A Whisper in the Noise, Long Way Back, Casualty, Arthur’s Lore, and Battered.

Craig’s wife, Kate, has been extremely supportive of his career, and she first started noticing Craig’s tumor symptoms.

Following his diagnosis, the actor shared, “My wife, I believe, was the one who initially noticed the tumor. In any case, Kate has been the best and has provided the most amazing assistance.

Because she was so nice and aware that anything was off, everything has been much simpler than it could have been.”

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