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Queen Opp Real Name Is Sierra Taylor: Wikipedia And Age

Find out what is the real name of Queen Opp. Continue reading the article know to learn more about the musical artists.

She used to be good friends with Michelle Jones. But in 2012, she hurt Jones. This changed everything. In 2020, Queen Opp started to target Jones online.

She used live videos to make Jones feel bad. People are angry about this. They want her to stop.

They want her to pay for what she’s done. Despite the drama, she keeps her private life secret. She only shares her love for Dookieana, her partner.

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Queen Opp Real Name Is Sierra Taylor: Wikipedia

Queen Opp is a rapper. She is known for songs like Pretty Privilege, Lil Dummy, and On yo azz.

But Queen Opp is just a stage name. Her real name is Sierra Taylor. Sierra has a story that is more than just music.

Her story is linked to Michelle Jones. They are friends with a history of violence and pain. Sierra and Michelle became friends in 2008. They were working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They spent a lot of time together. They shared laughs and dreams. But things changed in 2012.

Queen Opp Real Name
She is known for songs like Pretty Privilege, Lil Dummy, and On yo azz. (Source: Instagram)

In 2012, an event took place that left scars. Sierra Taylor assaulted Michelle Jones.

This happened in Atlanta, Georgia’s Clark County. After the assault, Sierra was arrested. Their friendship took a big hit. It was a dark time in their lives.

Then, in 2020, something strange happened. Sierra started making skits. She posted these skits on social media. But these skits were not funny. They were mean. They were meant to hurt and humiliate Michelle.

The attacks were public. They were streamed live on social media platforms. This included BIGO, Instagram, Twitter, and MICO Live. People from all over the world could watch.

Michelle was a target. She was suffering. She endured mental, emotional, and physical abuse. This went on for three years.

Many people are upset. They want Sierra Taylor banned from live-streaming apps. They believe her actions are harmful.

They think she is abusing her power. She is using social media to hurt Michelle. They want her to stop.

Calls for Sierra’s arrest are growing louder. People believe she crossed a line. They think she broke the law. They want justice for Michelle. They want Sierra to pay for her actions.

Queen Opp Age And Family

Queen Opp’s age is a well-kept secret. She chooses not to reveal it. It’s as if she wants to keep a part of herself shrouded in mystery.

Like her age, Queen Opp’s family details are also a mystery. The identity of her parents is something she keeps private. She does not disclose their names. This level of privacy extends to her entire family background.

Any details about her family remain undisclosed. She prefers to keep these aspects of her life private. This silence about her family leads to more speculation. People wonder about her family.

Queen Opp Real Name
Queen Opp is currently in a relationship with a transwoman named Dookieana. (Source: Instagram)

Even though she remains silent on many aspects of her life, she is pretty open about one thing: her love life. Queen Opp is currently in a relationship with a transwoman named Dookieana.

She doesn’t shy away from sharing this fact. She openly acknowledges her relationship with Dookieana.

Dookieana is a significant part of Queen Opp’s life. Their relationship is something Queen Opp is willing to share.

She often talks about Dookieana. She gives her fans glimpses into her romantic life. Her fans see snippets of her life with Dookieana through her social media.

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