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Quentin Bryce Daughter Chloe Shorten: Husband Children And Net Worth

Quentin Bryce’s fourth daughter- Chloe Shorten, is an Australian female equality advocate. This article is about the 25th Governor General of Australia- Quentin Bryce. Scroll down to get more details on Bryce’s husband and Children details.

Quentin was born in 1942 as the second daughter to Australian Nationalists – Norman Walter Strachan and Edwina Naida Wetzel. 

She pursued a bachelor in arts and Bachelor of Law degrees from The University of Queensland in 1968 and landed in Queensland Bar the same year.

Since then, she has had a long and successful career as an educational lawyer, society and human rights lawyer, and senior public executive. She has also served as a Principal at University and vice-regal representative in Queensland. 

Who is Quentin Bryce’s Daughter Chloe Shorten?

Chloe Shorten is the daughter of Former Governer General of Australia – Quentin Bryce and Michael Bryce. Besides this, She is also the wife of former Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten.

Chloe is an Australian Corporate affairs specialist born in 1971 in Queensland, where her mother, Quentin Bryce, was working as a Lecturer. She has obtained a Bachelor’s in communication from Deakin University. 

Chloe Shorten. (Source: DailyTelegraph)

Chloe started her professional career as a Marketing Assistant at Lexmark in 1993. After that, she worked as a communication officer from 2000 to 2002. 

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Shorten was passionate about public awareness. Bryce published her first book- Take Heart, in 2017. The book is a description of how modern stepfamilies behave and what are the social issues that society thinks about. Introductory book readers loved the book across the world. 

Chloe Book- The Secret Ingredients. (Source: NewsAU)

Her first book mainly influenced her; the following year, in 2018, she published her second book, The Secret Ingredient. The text explicitly describes the power of the family dining tables. She explained the importance of family members unifying at the dining table is far most necessary for communication.

Currently, she is serving as a brand ambassador for Gidget Foundation. She raises awareness among people about parental depression. 

More about Quentin Bryce’s Husband and Children

The first lady Australian Mayor general- Quentin Bryce, married Michael Bryce in 1964. She has committed her whole life to Michael Bryce till he dies in 2021. 

Michael Bryce, also known as Michael John Strachan Bryce, was born on June 21, 1938, to a Catholic Christain Family. He was a White Australian architect and Industrial designer before he met his wife, Quentin. 

Quentin and Michael Bryce. (Source: TheAustralian)

The architect was passionate about Graphic design, and soon he landed in the field of Graphic design. He had designed several graphics for reputed companies such as Wallabies rugby union, International Cricket Council, and Oceania Football. 

The famous Graphic designer called in love with Quentin Brice. After years of dating, they tied their knot in 1964. The couple has 5 children- 3 daughters, including 2 sons.

The politician has not revealed all of her children’s details on public profiles. However, Chloe Shorten is the famous daughter of a loving family. We will update the info about Michael and Quentin’s children when new details come to light. 

Quentin’s husband- Michael Bryce, died on January 15, 2021. The Bryce family mourns his death for days. 

Quentin Bryce’s Net Worth:

According to celebrityhow,  the net worth of Quentin Bryce is estimated to be around $2 million US dollars. In early life, Bryce worked as a law professor. She has earned mainly from the advocate profession. She had served as an academic lawyer. 

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Queen Elizabeth II and Quentin in Duke Edinburg Visit Australia. (Source: ZUMBIO)

Later she joined politics and became the First lady Mayor General of Australia. Currently, she is living among the people as a leader and has been serving them for a long time. 



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