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Quinton Lucas Family: Wife Katherine Carttar & Parents

The Kansas mayor, Quinton Lucas made news headlines after addressing the recent Chief’s parade shooting. As he made the press statements, people became curious about the background of Quinton Lucas, especially his family.

Born on August 19, 1984, Quinton Lucas is an American politician serving as the 55th mayor of Kansas City.

He was elected in 2019 as a member of the Democratic Party, becoming the third African-American leader.

Further, Lucas has expertise in law and teaching including his profound knowledge of politics.

As for his campaign, his primary focus was bridging cultural and social gaps between the city’s east and west sides.

Throughout his career, Quinton Lucas has talked about the support from his family, making many curious to learn more about them.

Quinton Lucas Family: Life With Struggling Parents

Given his political reach, people genuinely wanted to learn more about the family of Quinton Lucas.

Raised in Missouri, Lucas was supported by his single mother, Quincy Bennett Johnson throughout his early life.

Further, the politician couldn’t spend much time with his father as he passed away when Lucas was a child.

Quinton Lucas with his mother
Lucas’s mother attended his oath-taking ceremony. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he struggled a lot in financial matters as they lived in the urban core of the city.

Moreover, his family often moved which led to several experiences of homelessness.

Such conditions shaped the worldly perspective of young Lucus, who entered Washington University through scholarships.

With the support of his family and community, Quinton Lucas pursued law and political science.

After earning a degree, he joined the University of Kansas as one of the youngest tenured law professors in the country.

To date, Lucas continues to teach young minds and share his passion for imparting knowledge to people.

Through his hard work, he wanted to make his mother and the place he grew up in proud.

Similarly, Lucas ran for the mayoral position with the encouragement of the Kansas community.

Quinton Lucas with his colleagues
Lucas has improved the city’s infrastructure. (Source: Twitter)

Shortly after taking the oath, he followed his promises and led the city through the fallout of the pandemic.

Additionally, Lucus passed his first in the nation fare-free public transportation bill with an investment of $50 million.

Such contributions of Quinton Lucus are celebrated by his family and the close-knit residents of Kansas.

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Joy Of Fatherhood: Wife Katherine Carttar Welcomes Baby Boy

After a successful run in the political scene, Quinton Lucas shifted his focus to building his new family.

Previously, Lucus maintained a relationship with his girlfriend Katherine Carttar for several years before deciding on a future together.

Like her partner, Cartter is a local government professional with experience at ULI Kansas City.

Quinton Lucas holding a cookie box
Lucas is interactive with the city residents. (Source: Twitter)

The pair tied the knot at a civil ceremony that took place on April 9, 2021, in Jackson County.

Further, the politician expressed his happiness through a radio show, claiming that the event was full of blessings.

Weeks after their nuptials, the couple welcomed their newborn son, Bennett into the world.

Later, it was revealed that Lucas chose the name for his son as a tribute to his mother, who had sacrificed a lot for him.

However, the journey wasn’t as expected as their baby had to receive a neonatal due to his premature birth.

Quinton in Kansas uniform
Lucas is a lifelong fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, they placed their son in intensive care at the University of Kansas Health System.

Despite such challenges, the politician is happy to be on a joyful ride to fatherhood along with his wife.

Now, he promises to be a committed personality for his child as well as the Kansas community.

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