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Who Is Jin-Gu Kim, Ra Mi ran Husband? Kids And Family

Ra Mi-ran expressed in an interview that she is proud and supportive of her husband despite their financial difficulties.

Ra Mi Ran is a prominent Actress from South Korea who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Despite spending years in theatre and appearing in over 40 films, she did not gain significant acclaim or recognition until her standout performance in the 2012 film Dancing Queen. 

Ra Mi has starred in numerous films and television shows and won several awards for her performances. Despite her success, Ra Mi Ran is known for being down-to-earth and humble, and she often speaks openly about her personal life. 

In this article, look at Ra Mi Ran’s husband and family.

Ra Mi Ran Husband: Who Is Jin-Gu Kim? 

Kim Jin-gu is the husband of Ra Mi-ran, a famous South Korean Actress. 

A picture of Ra Mi Ran with her husband during their wedding. (Source: kbizoom.com)

He worked as singer Shin Sung-woo’s manager before marrying Ra Mi-ran in 2002. However, their family faced financial difficulties due to Kim Jin-goo’s inconstant income, often delayed due to album production delays. 

Ra Mi-ran’s income was also low at that time as she was an unknown Actress and had to stop acting for a while because of her pregnancy. To make ends meet, Kim Jin-goo had to do physical labor work. 

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Despite Ra Mi-ran’s rise to fame and success, her husband continued to work hard. In an interview on “Live Talk Show – Taxi,” Ra Mi-ran expressed that she was not ashamed of her husband’s labor work.

Ra Mi Ran Kids: Who Is Kim Keun-woo?

Ra Mi-ran’s kid, Kim Keun-woo, is a talented athlete who won a gold medal in the Asian Junior Athletics Championships.

The photograph that was shared shows Ra Mi Ran’s son and fellow athletes during the medal ceremony. (Source: kstartrend.com)

She recently shared the news of her son’s achievements on her Instagram account, which garnered a lot of attention from fans and the media.

Her son, Kim Geun Woo, is a member of the Incheon Physical Education High School cycling club and is an accomplished athlete.

In August of last year, Kim participated in the “August 15th Celebration 2021 Yangyang National Cycle Competition” held in Yangyang, Gangwon-do, and won two gold medals, one silver medal, and one bronze medal. 

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He was also chosen as the male high school’s MVP in the competition, a testament to his athletic skill and talent. Kim recently participated in the Asian Junior Athletics Championships and won a gold medal in the group sprint.

Ra Mi Ran Family Details: Where Is She From?

Mi Ran grew up in a humble and hardworking family. However, details about her parents and family history remain scarce, with no information available on the Internet.

Despite the lack of information on her family background, Ra Mi Ran is happily married and has a son of who she is incredibly proud.

She often shares photos of her son’s accomplishments on social media and expresses her love and support for him. Her husband’s details remain unknown, as Ra Mi Ran has chosen to keep her personal life private.

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While Ra Mi Ran’s family details may be a mystery to her fans, her dedication to her craft and positive energy has made her a beloved figure in South Korean entertainment.


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