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Who Is Rachel Sennott Ex Boyfriend? Break Ups & Current Relation Status

Known for her wry humor and similar roles in movies, Rachel Sennott is popular among comedy lovers. Netizens are now curious about the dating life of Rachel Sennott and her ex boyfriend.

Born on September 19, 1995, Rachel Sennott is an American actress and comedian.

She is of Italian and Irish descent and was raised in Simsbury, Connecticut.

Further, Sennott is known for her role in Shiva Baby, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Bottoms, and Idol.

She became interested in comedy in her first year of college and started performing on open mic nights.

Later, in 2018, she turned to Twitter comedy and started writing short jokes and tweeting multiple times daily.

In addition, Sennott’s distinct comedic voice and persona, often complaining about dating and economy, quickly became famous among viewers.

She transitioned to feature films in 2021, mostly playing coming-of-age queer narratives.

People adore Sennott’s performance and are eager to know more about her, including her dating life.

Who Is Rachel Sennott Ex Boyfriend? Dating Timeline

With immense popularity, fans are always curious about the personal details of Rachel Sennott.

Sennott rarely talks about her relationships, but there were many speculations about her dating in the past.

Previously, fans speculated that Sennott might be romantically involved with fellow comedian Stavros Halkias.

Stavros Halkias is an American stand-up comedian and podcaster.

However, she did not address these rumors, leaving the nature of their relationship unknown.

Rachel for her Gucci photoshoot
Rachel in Gucci’s new collection (Source: Instagram)

Fans believed their relationship was real, but no evidence is available to confirm these claims.

Further, Sennott has only mentioned one guy she dated during college who introduced her to the world of comedy and open mic nights.

Initially a stranger to the concept of stand-up, one of her past relationships helped her find comedic talent within herself.

Although her relationship did not last long, her passion for the industry remained, making her a beloved personality.

Recently, her admirers have noticed Sennott dating another man and seek details about their relationship.

Rachel Sennott Current Relation Status

After Rachel Sennott’s tweets in 2020 about her new boyfriend, people were guessing who the mysterious man was.

Although Sennott didn’t come out and say who he is, fans took a stroll around her social media and discovered the truth.

Sennott has posted pictures with Logan Miller, hinting at their romantic connection.

Logan posted this picture wishing Rachel happy birthday
Logan and Rachel look cute together (Source: Instagram)

Logan Miller, born in 1992, is an American actor from Colorado.

He is popularly known for his role in the Disney XD sitcom I’m in the Band and for his other voicing roles.

In addition to the sitcom, Logan has starred in A Dog’s Purpose, Love, Simon, and Escape Room.

The couple started dating during the pandemic and later appeared in ELLE Hollywood Rising in May 2023.

They are open about their relationship and share pictures of each other on Instagram.

Logan first posted about Rachel in 2020, with a picture of the two in front of a mirror.

Further, he has recently shared a slideshow of photos from a vacation in Malibu with Sennott.

Rachel and Logan in a lovey-dovey mood
Logan seems to share more pictures with Rachel rather than the opposite. (Source: Instagram)

The same month, Sennott gave some funny insight into one of the ways she approached dating when she was single.

Sennott looks happy with her current relationship, and fans adore the couple.

Apart from pictures with Logan, Sennott’s social media features professional promotions and photos from her shoot.

Despite her relationship, she always prioritizes her career and future projects.

Moreover, critics have described her performance as one of the strongest in her genre.

Sennott is rising in fame with her roles, which are mostly popular among teenagers, and fans eagerly wait for her latest work.

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