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Was Ralph Cirella Gay? Gender And Sexuality Of Makeup Artist

As the industry mourns the loss of another talented artist, many wonder about the personal life of Ralph Cirella and question if he was gay. Find out further in the article.

Ralph Cirella is famous for working alongside Howard Stern as the broadcaster’s personal stylist.

He was hired to construct an interesting design for a broadcast at the Felt Forum on New Year’s Eve 1986.

Moreover, Cirella did not make on-screen appearances until 1990, when he worked on costumes and special effects.

In Howard’s book Miss America, the broadcaster called Cirella the most universally hated staff member.

However, the tragic news of his passing shocked many who learned about the makeup artist.

Meanwhile, others questioned if Ralph Cirella was gay and searched for answers on his Wikipedia page.

Was Ralph Cirella Gay? Gender And Sexuality Of Makeup Artist

Being a famous makeup artist, Ralph Cirella managed to garner questions about his sexuality and being gay.

However, his past relationships with TV producers, animators, and actors have provided a peek into his sexuality.

Ralph Cirella claimed that he was homosexual by birth, so it was confirmed that he was gay.

Ralph Cirella
Cirella worked with Howard Stern for a long time. (Source: Instagram)

Further, he started dating James T. Hanley and later Sam Simon, a co-developer of The Simpsons.

Additionally, Cirella had dated several other men, but no one had revealed their details.

Also, the makeup artist was romantically involved with actresses Sandra Bernhard and Sara Switzer.

This further proves that Cirella falls in the queer spectrum and has bisexual tendencies.

Meanwhile, until 58, Cirella was not married to anyone as he shifted his focus to his work in later years.

Moreover, the artist came from a simple background and was interested in acting from a young age.

Ralph Cirella with a child
Cirella earned huge success in his career. (Source: Instagram)

After attending a private school for his higher studies, Cirella started as a radio host.

Later, he entered the cosmetics, costume, and garment industries.

Following a failed attempt at acting, Cirella promised to create a successful career behind the screens.

Soon, he earned the Forum Felt’s New Year broadcaster, leading him to work with Howard Stern.

As his career prospered, people raised questions about Ralph Cirella being gay, and it loomed over his media presence.

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A Legacy Worth Remembering: Ralph Cirella Cause Of Death Details

After a successful career as Howard’s personal stylist, Ralph Cirella made an excellent impression in the industry.

Further working behind the scenes landed Cirella a chance to host The Friday Show on Howard 100 radio.

Additionally, he was the presenter of Geek Time on the same radio channel.

Ralph Cirella with John
Stamos shared a heartfelt post for Cirella. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Cirella has worked in the makeup department of Private Parts, Alien Space Avenger, and She’s Back.

However, a sudden death that shocked his friends and family cut short his achievements at age 58.

Moreover, the news has kept Ralph Cirella’s cause of death a secret till now for privacy reasons.

Nonetheless, it was evident that Cirella’s impact on his close ones was immense.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, John Stamos broke the news about the makeup artist’s passing.

Similarly, Stamos described Cirella as a unique soul who was like his family.

Ralph on a set
Cirella had several relationships with both men and women. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Stamos reminisced about the old days when he witnessed Cirella work his magic on sets.

Likewise, the actor wrote, 

Ralph possessed an abundance of untapped potential, but he grappled with finding the motivation to fully realize it.

Meanwhile, Cirella’s family members have not yet released official statements.

Similarly, followers have supported Cirella’s friends and family during a tragic time.

Nevertheless, Cirella’s legacy will undoubtedly live on the recollections, tales, and the influence he made on the makeup world.

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