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Randy Meisner Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

Randall Herman Meisner, popularly known as Randy Meisner’s, net worth is $15 million.

Randy Meisner is a retired American musician, singer, songwriter, and founding member of the legendary band Eagles.

Meisner’s main role was that of bassist throughout his professional musical career as both a group member and session musician.

Randy Meisner
Randy Meisner (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, with his high range of voice, Rand also used to give high harmony back vocals in his band’s songs.

You must have listened to Eagle’s “Take It To The Limit.” It was written and sung by our very own Randy Meisner.

Randy Meisner | Quick Facts

Full Name Randall Herman Meisner
Celebrated As Randy Meisner
Date of birth March 8, 1948
Place of birth Scottsbluff, Nebraska, U.S.
Residency California, USA
Age 76 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Gender Male
Horoscope Aquarius
Religion Christian
Father Herman Meisner
Mother Emilie Meisner
Relationship Status Widower
Wife Jennifer Barto (m. 1963; div. 1981)
Lana Meisner (m. 1996; died. 2016)
Children Heather, Dana, Eric Meisner
Height 5 feet and 10 inches
Weight 79 kg
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Color Brown
Education High School dropout
Profession Retired musician, singer, songwriter
Net worth $15 Million
Last Update May 2024

Randy Meisner | Net Worth and Income

As of May 2024, Randy Meisner net worth is $15 million. He has garnered most of his fortune through his band’s album sales and song royalties.

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Meisner’s band, Eagles, Eagles made their first deal with Asylum records in 1971. During this time, none of the four members knew anything about business.

In 1974, this deal was amended with new percentage royalties rates.

Earnings From Eagles, Ltd.

In 1974, all five members formed Eagles Ltd., with each owning a fifth of the company.

Eagles Ltd. would get all proceeds from touring, merchandise, and recording royalties, which would be distributed equally.

Their relationship with Asylum Records was dissolved once this business was created, and Warner Communications secured a new arrangement with Eagles Ltd.

As a result, Randy would now be able to earn even more money.

Randy, on the other hand, gave up his shareholding when he departed the band in 1977.

However, Randy received a share of the sales of some Eagles recordings as royalties.

Randy is almost certainly still receiving royalties from these tracks.

After Eagles

Before he got his big break, Meisner was working in John Deere Dealership, and his salary was very less during this time.

Randy began touring as a solo artist after leaving the Eagles. Even from his solo shows, he was making a fortune in ticket sales.

However, he started creating even more when Blondie Chaplin, a session guitarist, and Bernie Leadon, a former Eagles member, joined them on their 1986 US tour.

Furthermore, Randy also earned a heavy fortune through his music sales. Interestingly, his CD or Vinyl records are still found in some popular online stores.

As of May 2024, Randy Meisner’s net worth is $15 million.

Randy Meisner’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Randy Meisner’s net worth as of May 2024 $15 million. Let’s check out Randy Meisner’s net worth in different currencies, including cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 13,083,675
Pound Sterling £ 10,924,725
Australian Dollar A$ 20,535,285
Canadian Dollar C$ 18,704,025
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,108,580,250
BitCoin ฿ 341.24

Randy Meisner | Houses and Cars


Randy adored spending his nights off at his beautiful house in Los Angeles, California, while he wasn’t performing.

This magnificent home is estimated to be valued at least $1 million.

Seeing the photos of Randy’s house that went viral during the unexplained affair, we can safely conclude that he is enjoying the life of a rockstar.

In the back, there’s a pool and a fence where deers would come to eat the roses. Randy also has two tiny twin fawns on his fence, which he considers to be the sweetest thing on the planet.


Randy had a sizable sports car collection and a couple of high-end luxury cars during his prime days.

To be precise, he used to have 23 vintage cars in his garage in Nebraska.

One of the most classy cars that Randy used to own was a 1950s Mercury car. The price of these cars currently ranges from $40,000 to $140,000.

1950s Mercury Car (Source: Pinterest)

However, as time passed, he considered selling most of those vehicles.

Except for his red Ford truck, Randy eventually sold all of his vintage cars and trucks.

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Randy Meisner | Lifestyle

Meisner was born into a poor family. His parents worked as farmworkers.

As a result, Meisner was always aware of the worth of money. It could be one of the reasons Randy used to sell his expensive properties after just enjoying them for a short period of time.

He simply believes that owning a nice house and lounging in a tranquil garden is enough to make him happy.

Randy likes German cuisine and fruits such as Runzas and Bierock.

Meisner married Jennifer Lee Barton, his high school love, in 1963.

However, they eventually divorced a few years later. In 1996, Meisner married Lana Rae, another woman with who Meisner had been dating for a long time.

Since the late 1960s, Meisner has struggled with alcoholism. His years of drinking habit had caught up with him, and by the 2000s, and he had a series of minor heart attacks.

Meisner consequently decided to stop touring for the sake of his health, and we believe he made the right decision.

Randy Meisner’s net worth as of May 2024, is $15 million.

Randy Meisner | Charity

With his immense net worth that he generated throughout the years, he has donated some of them to charity campaigns.

You might know that Randy Meisner is also a very good artist.

Meisner donated some of his artworks in a silent Music auction in 1994. The auction was organized by MusiCares.

The paintings that got the most attention in the auction were Hand and Citi-Vue.

Moreover, his love for animals also got attention when he took part in several animal rights campaigns.

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Randy Meisner | Music Albums


Randy was living a dream when he was with The Eagles. Their greatest hits albums were a mainstay of several music collections.

They created six number-one albums and won six Grammy Awards and five American Music Awards during their tenure together.

The Eagles
The Eagles (Source: USA Today)

Similarly, the legendary band released “Their Greatest Hits” in 1976, which went on to become the best-selling album in the United States, selling over 38 million copies.

Solo Artist

After leaving the Eagles, Meisner released a couple of solo albums and had a top 20 hit with “Hearts on Fire” in 1980.

Randy Meisner’s self-titled album, released in 1978, was his first solo studio album, produced by his friend Alan Brackett.”

He then joined the all-star band Black Tie alongside Jimmy Griffin and Billy Swan in 1985. They started attracting interest after their cover of Buddy Holly’s Learning the Game became a smash.

They renamed themselves Meisner, Rich & Swan after Griffin was replaced by Charlie Rich, Jr., and spent the next decade traveling extensively.

In 2001, he performed a 40th Anniversary reunion event with his original lineup, The Drivin’ Dynamics.

Currently, Meisner is a member of the World Class Rockers. Meisner joined the band as an active member in 1996, but due to health issues, his appearances are very rare.

Randy Meisner | Career

His first band, The Driving Dynamics, was a small-time group whose major performances were high school dances and community gatherings.

Meisner, convinced that he’d have better success on the West Coast, formed the Soul Survivors group and relocated to Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, he received the same results that he did in Nebraska. Dissatisfied with their lack of success, the band members began to leave one by one, only to be replaced by Meisner each time.

Interesting Facts About Randy Meisner

  • When Meisner was ten years old, he heard Elvis Presley perform on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and decided he wanted to be a musician.
  • Meisner wanted to be a guitarist. However, when one of his teachers suggested Meisner to play bass, he started to be a bassist.
  • Randy enjoys activities such as skiing, bowling, and poker.


Were Randy’s parents interested in Music?

Meisner was born as the second child of farmers Herman and Emilie in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. His mother loved to sing, and his grandpa was a violin instructor, so music was in his veins.

Why did Randy Meisner leave the Eagles?

It all started with his song “Take It To The Limit.” He was scheduled to sing the song at the live shows like he did when he first sang it.

On the other hand, Meisner was extremely nervous about performing in front of an audience. When this became the cause of a feud between Meisner and Glen Frey, Meisner eventually departed the band for good.

Who sang Take it to the Limit after Randy Meisner left?

Frey took over as lead vocalist when Meisner left The Eagles. Following Frey’s death, Vince Gill performed it during concerts.

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