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Rapper Grand Daddy IU Death: How Did He Die? Family And Net Worth

Rapper Grand Daddy I.U.’s death shocked the whole music industry after he died at 54.

In 1989, Biz Markie signed him to the record company Cold Chillin’ Records after receiving a demo tape from him. Grand Daddy I.U.’s debut album, Smooth Assassin, featuring the songs “Something New” and “Sugar-Free,” was released the following year.

In the 1990s, Grand Daddy I.U. made guest appearances on several hip-hop albums, including Positive K’s The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills and Big L’s Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous.

After breaking up with Markie, he released his sophomore album, Lead Pipe, in 1994.

Stick to the Script, Grand Daddy I.U.’s third album was released in 2007. In July 2021, his most recent song, “Stay Fly,” was released.

Rapper Grand Daddy I.U. Death: How Did He Die?

Grand Daddy I.U., a rapper best known for his debut album Smooth Assassin and formerly signed to Cold Chillin’ Records, passed away at 54.

The cause of Grand Daddy I.U.’s passing has not yet been made public. His spokesman did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment right away.

Raya announced the information about the rapper’s death on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

According to reports from American publications, the well-known employee of early rap label Cold Chillin’ Records is thought to have died in his sleep.

His representative, Raya, announced the information on Instagram on Tuesday and expressed her shock and concern.

The statement continued that anyone who knows her knows how much pure love and respect she has for him. She is currently remaining silent out of respect for him and his family.

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She prayed for a smooth transition for the rapper as well.

Grand Daddy IU Family Details: Where Is He From?

The rapper, whose real name was Ayub Bey, was born on August 23, 1968, in Queens, New York, and decided to pursue a career in music after being inspired by his brother.

His parent’s and family details have not been revealed. His brother’s name is Kay Cee.’ Apart from that, no other information regarding his family has been made public.

Grand Daddy I.U., a lesser-known MC from hip-prime, hop’s had the smooth player persona.

He always wore a suit and tie, delivered his lines with the appropriate calm and composure, and produced his beats with urban polish.

Grand Daddy I.U. entered the hip-hop industry with the help of his brother DJ Kay Cee, who persuaded him to put together a demo tape. Grand Daddy I.U. was born in Queens but raised in the Long Island town of Hempstead.

They eventually managed to get hold of Biz Markie, who in 1989 signed Grand Daddy I.U. to Cold Chillin’ after hearing the tape.

Grand Daddy I.U. Net Worth At The Time Of Death 

Grand Daddy I.U.’s net worth was estimated to be $1.5 Million at the time of his death.

Grand Daddy I.U. and his crew posing for a portrait. (Source: mirror)

His debut album, released in 1990, featured Cold Chillin’ favorites “Pick Up the Pace” and “Sugar-Free.”

Grand Daddy I.U.’s animosity toward the rap industry was cultivated because Biz Markie received the publishing credits for every song, even though he and Kay Cee produced the entire project.

He continued to work for the label, producing and ghostwriting songs for Roxanne Shanté and Biz Markie.

Lead Pipe, his second album, was released in 1994. Still, it never received any significant promotion because the label had lost ground since it lost its distribution deal with Warner.

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Grand Daddy I.U. finally returned with his third album, Stick to the Script, which included producers Large Professor and Marco Polo, in late 2007.

He had a renewed desire to record rhymes again. That same year, distributor Traffic Entertainment also reissued his Smooth Assassin debut.


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