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Ray Fallone Boxer Family: Why His Death News Trending On Internet? Wife And Kids

People are curious to know about Ray Fallone’s family details.

Ray Fallone’s most prized trophy, a boxer with exactly 100 pro fights to his name, had deteriorated badly over the decades.

Thanks to his sons and the popular BBC daytime TV show “The Repair Shop,” it has been restored to its former glory.

Ray, of Furze Hill Road, Shanklin, fought at welterweight between 1962 and 1975, during a golden era of the sport in which he fought alongside Henry Cooper, John Conteh, Joe Bugner, and Terry Downes on the pro circuit.

He occasionally played golf with ‘Our ‘Enry’ and Conteh.

Ray Fallone Family: Meet His Wife And Kids

On November 6, 1941, Boxer Ray Fallone was born. He was born in Battersea, London, England. 

The details regarding his parents and family are currently unavailable on the internet.  Max and Joe are his two children. The information regarding his wife has yet to be revealed.

Ray Fallone holding his trophy after his two sons surprised him by restoring the glory of his trophy in The Repair Shop. (Source: countypress.co.uk)

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Fallone won his first fight on October 22, 1963, against Eddie Avoth. He was the only boxer in his era to compete in ten fights and is widely regarded as a legendary boxer.

Why Ray Fallone’s Death News Is Trending On Internet?

The news regarding Ray Fallone’s death has been trending on the internet, but it is just a hoax. He is still alive and excellent.

Ray’s record of 100 fights includes an impressive feat: he was never knocked out or stopped, going the total distance in each row. It is still a British record. Ray was finally inducted into the British Ex-Boxers Hall of Fame in 2005.

When Ray retired, he opened a boxing gym in Battersea and brought in kids from the streets to teach them the sport — a Father figure to many who he kept on track.

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His incredible career in and out of the ring was recognized 45 years ago with a prestigious Services to Boxing award at the Thomas a Becket boxing pub on London’s Old Kent Road — also the location of Henry Cooper’s gym.

Ray Fallone Boxing Records: His Career Achievements

Ray Fallone has a 20-75-5 win-loss-draw record. He has 20 victories. On April 21, 1975, he won his final match against John Sagar.

Despite having suffered 75 defeats in his career, Ray Fallone is a legend. Despite losing most of his fights, the incredible fighter was a trailblazer in-ring player during his early years as a professional fighter. 

Boxer Ray Fallone proudly holding his trophy. (Source: countypress.co.uk)

With two sons playing with Ray’s trophy as a toy as they grew up, it, like many of Ray’s opponents in his heyday, eventually became the worse for wear.

Fallone’s sons, Max and Joe, took it to The Repair Shop team at the Weald and Downland Living Museum in Chichester to be restored to its former glory as a surprise for their father.

Fallone, who has kept his secrets until now, has now been revealed to have competed in his 100th session. While the game was not broadcast, the veteran Fallone has lost his new coordinate with the unidentified rival.

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While Fallone lost his first match inside the ring in a long time, he won his next session against Mickey Agbo. Until 1975, Fallone was a force on the boxing scene. Fallone had fought 99 fights in his 12 years and was forced to retire from the ring. He was inducted into the British Ex-Fighters Hall of Fame


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