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The Empress Cast Raymond Tarabay Wife Rita Raidi de Tarabay; Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Raymond Tarabay is a German-Lebanese actor, director, and producer. He has been in a loving relationship with his wife, Rita Tarabay, for over two decades.

He is best known for his works like 4 Blocks (2017), The End of Patience (2014), and Days That Shook the World (2003). 

Raymond is a cast member for the upcoming drama series The Empress. He plays the role of Bourqueney Ambassador in the Netflix series that will air on September 29.

Raymond Tarabay Wife And Family: He Is Married With Three Kids

Raymond Tarabay was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on December 16, 1967. He is currently 54 years old. Raymond is a versatile actor, with an acting range of 44 to 66.

Raymond has been married to Rita Raidi de Tarabay since October 1, 1999. He was 31 at the time of their marriage.

The two have been husband and wife for almost 23 years. Rita is also from Lebanon, and the couple has three children together.

Raymond Tarabay family
Raymond Tarabay as Ibrahim Hakeem in 4 Blocks.
(Source: Castforward)

Raymond is fluent in Arabic and German, his native languages. He is also proficient in English and French.

The Tarabay family resides together in Berlin, Germany. They are of Arabian ethnicity and Lebanese-German background.

Other than that, no further detail about Raymond’s wife, age gap, children, parents, or siblings is available online.

Raymond Tarabay Net Worth: He Is Professionally And Financially Successful

According to Net Worth Wiki Bio, Raymond Tarabay has a net worth of $8 million. It has been possible by the combination of his entertainment and other involvements.

On his IMDb page, he has 24 acting credits to his name.

Raymond Tarabay movie
A scene from Raymond Tarabay’s movie.
(Source: TV Speil Film)

It includes the soon-to-be-released Empress; Everybody Wants to Be Loved, Too Young to Die, Spy City, Friend or Foe, Lost in Marseille, Hitler’s Grave, Life Is All You Get, Jail Birds, and so on. 

Raymond made his acting debut with Denkste! Das Baby meines Bruders (Think! My Brother’s Baby) in 1988 and has been active for over 34 years.

The actor, 6 feet 2 inches (1.9 m) in height and 90 kg weight, has a medium build with brown eyes and black, short hair. His dialects include American, Berlin German (native), and Standard German.

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Raymond Tarabay Is Not Only An Actor

Raymond Tarabay does more than acting – he is a politician, producer, director, writer, and more. He has 15 producer credits and three other credits to his name.

Initially, Raymond studied political science and oriental studies at several universities and attended seminars at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bonn and Berlin.

He has worked as the Senior Policy Advisor for the German Embassy in Beirut-Lebanon, the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, and the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta.

Raymond Tarabay
Raymond Tarabay has also worked in the political sphere.
(Source: E-talenta)

In 1997, Raymond began to embark on the cinema and media industries, attending production and direction workshops with Yurek Bogayewicz in Berlin. He made his directorial debut with The Kitchen and co-wrote the screenplay Muhtar, the Mayor.

In 2000, he began to work with two co-authors on the script for the theater spectacle The Heroes of Bern, which premiered in Kaiserslautern in 2004.

In addition, Raymond was the co-founder and co-MD of the Global Film Time Limited production company in Berlin and London. He also became the MD of Vadim Glowna’s Atossa Film Production GmbH in 2005.

Raymond has produced numerous films, including Laguna (2001), Bandido (directed by Oscar winner Roger Christian, 2004), and The House of Sleeping Beauties (2006).

Moreover, he was the associate producer of the film Transylvania (2006), which won the Georges Delarue Prize at the Ghent International film festival in 2006.



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