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Rebecca Bliefnick Obituary And Death Cause: Family Feud And Controversy

Rebecca Bliefnick obituary and death cause: Rebecca was the 41-year-old nurse discovered murdered in her home.

Rebecca Bliefnick was a nurse based in Illinois who has been recently one of the most searched people on the internet as the trial begins three months after her murder. 

Rebecca was discovered dead in her home on February 23. Before her death, she made sure to tell her sister via a message that her husband, Tim, would be the no. 1 person of interest if something happened to her. 

Bliefnick’s husband, Tim, is currently in custody, and the murder has been described as domestic violence. 

Details On Rebecca Bliefmick obituary

Rebecca Bliefnick was murdered in her home on February 23. Bliefnick’s family and friends were shocked to hear the news, which brought a shocking wave in her family. 

Bliefnick’s sister is devasted to know that her sister was shot to death by Tim. Multiple posts have been shared to pay condolence to Rebecca. People from worldwide are paying final tribute to her via online posts. 

Rebecca Bliefnick Obituary
WICS ABC 20 tweeted about Rebecca Bliefnick Muder’s case. (Source: Twitter)

Similalry, her sister, Sarah Reilly and other family members attended her funeral on March 3, 2023, at Calvary Cemetery in Quincy, Ill. 

The family statement added, “There are no words to adequately express how devastated and heartbroken we are,” “Becky was the heart and soul of our family, and her greatest loves were her sons. We will pray for and miss her every day of our lives.”

The statement further added, “Thank you to our family, friends, community and even strangers who have expressed their sympathy and support,”

Bliefnick’s sister, Sarah, was seen in an emotional situation, which left many people in tears as Sarah is one of those who is devasted by the death of Bliefnick. Rebecca’s family has also raised a GoFundMe campaign to provide help for her three sons.

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Rebecca Bliefnick Death Cause

Rebecca Bliefnick’s murder case is the most talked about online, as the trial started three months after her death. 

For those who don’t know, Rebecca was murdered in her home and shot to death by her husband, Tim, whose full name is Timothy W. Bliefnick. 

As per the sources, she was shot 14 times. The crime scene also had damage, Tim shot her after breaking in through a second-story window. A few pictures of Rebecca were shown of her body sprawled out on the floor in a doorway.

Rebecca Bliefnick
Rebecca Bliefnick with her husband and three sons. (Source: Fox News)

Further, the investigators also found damage to the bedroom door which was kicked and pushed in. A cell phone on the second floor was also reported behind the door, including a broken window glass.

Additionally, Rebecca and her husband, Tim, were going through a bitter divorce and were legally fighting for custody of their three children.

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Rebecca Bliefnick Family Feud and Controversy

Rebecca Bliefnick’s husband, Timothy W. Bliefnick, was a contestant in the iconic game show “Family Feud” in 2020 who joked about his married life on national television and said he regrets marrying his wife. 

Most people know him for appearing in the show. Tim was arrested on March 13, and he was also charged with home invasion.

Rebecca Bliefnick
Timothy W. Bliefnick was a contestant in the iconic “Family Feud” game show in 2020. (Source: Twitter)

As mentioned earlier, Rebecca and Tim were going through a bitter divorce, and they didn’t have a smooth relationship during the incident.

Likewise, the murderer has represented the crime as domestic violence, and Rebecca’s family hopes to find justice for her death.


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