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Is Rebecca Yarros Zionist? Controversy On Israel Gaza Conflict

Rebecca Yarros is a best-selling author who has been turning heads after her controversial stance on the Isreal-Gaza conflict, and many have accused her of being zionist. Find more in this article.

Rebecca Yarros is an American author best known for the Empyrean fantasy book series.

The first book in the Empyrean series, Fourth Wing, was published in May 2023 by Red Tower Books.

Meanwhile, Yarros’s book is one of the bestsellers on Amazon and The New York Times.

The author recently released the sequel, Iron Flame, which became the fastest-selling pre-order title.

Likewise, her first book will be adapted into a TV series by Amazon MGM Studios.

However, Rebecca Yarros has been facing backlash online for her controversial opinion on the current conflict, as many label her as a zionist.

Is Rebecca Yarros Zionist? Controversial Stance On Israel-Gaza Conflict

Amidst the current Israel-Gaza conflict, many celebrities have come forward with their personal opinion.

Rebecca Yarros is no exception, as she attempted to clarify her position through an Instagram post from October 15.

Through the post, Yarros clarifies that she is against war in all forms and that children are not collateral damage.

Rebecca Yarros books
Yarros is a New York Times best-selling author. (Source: Instagram)

Further, she also added that her white, privileged voice shouldn’t be the center of the conflict discussion.

After the post, many accused Rebecca Yarros of being a zionist who believes that Israel should be a Jewish homeland.

Moreover, in her statement, Yarros wrote,

I am absolutely horrified by the despicable attack on Israel. I’m terrified for the children and Palestinian innocents of Gaza.

However, netizens pointed out that the post was quite dismissive of the death statistics of the war.

Moreover, since October 7, over 10,000 people have lost their lives from Israel’s indiscriminate bombing.

Likewise, the war has not only affected the children but also the adults of Gaza.

Although children make up one-third of the statistics, the words used by Yarros dismissed the loss of lives of others who are not children.

Rebecca Yarros zionist controversy
Yarros writes fantasy books for adult audiences. (Source: Instagram)

According to users on Twitter, everyone deserves justice, including the children of Gaza.

Despite having such a platform, authors like Yarros have displayed their neutrality or controversial stance.

Now, as accusations of being a zionist persist, many have refrained from supporting Rebecca Yarros and her works.

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How Is Rebecca Yarros Dealing With Several Backlashes?

Along with the zionist backlashes, Rebecca Yarros is in the thick of them for several other reasons.

During a recent interview, the best-selling author mispronounced several Scottish Gaelic words from her novel.

Further, the blunder went viral on TikTok, with native speakers criticizing Yarros.

Yarros is not fluent in Gaelic despite having a tutor and lacks proper research.

However, many claim that she should not be comfortable taking inspiration from subjects she is not familiar with.

Similarly, readers claim that it is offensive that authors like Yarros monetize the languages of the native people.

Rebecca Yarros career
Yarros takes Scottish history as an inspiration for her works. (Source: Instagram)

Along with mistakes in an interview, natives have also pointed out the errors in her writings.

Additionally, readers suggested that her team should have employed a Gaelic scholar for reviewing. Yarros is also struggling with the book bans in the States.

The author started writing her books over a decade ago and cannot comprehend the bans.

Likewise, Yarros states that books are a way of escaping reality for many, and the bans are quite ignorant.

This is not the first instance of books being banned in the country, as many authors have faced such problems.

Nonetheless, readers have found alternative ways to get access to the works.

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