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Leonidas Lost? Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83 Leaks, Spoilers Reddit

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83 Leaks have surfaced online. So who is the winner: Apollo or Leonidas?

Record of Ragnarok is a popular Japanese manga series whose authors are the duo of Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui.

Given that its plot focuses on major historical figures and gods from different mythologies, the manga has gained quite a bit of traction.

The unique concept here is the presence of a fighting tournament between the gods and the historical figures.

The manga initially began in 2017 after its publication in a magazine.

Recently, in June 2021, the manga got its anime adaptation, which premiered on Netflix.

Leonidas Lost? Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83 Leaks

Record of Ragnarok has completed its 82nd Chapter recently, and fans are gunning for its 83rd Chapter.

Although Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83 had its scheduled release on 3rd November, leaks have surfaced on the internet already.

Given the news of the leak, fans are excited to learn spoilers of what is to come ahead.

The raw scans are now publicly available on the internet since 25th October. This also gives a conclusion, which was what fans were hopeful of.

Chapter 83 of Record of Ragnarok had promised clarity of the battle between Apollo and Leonidas.

As per the leaks of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83, it is safe to say that as a ROR fan, you won’t be disappointed.

Apollo with a face injury
The Greek God of the Sun and one of the Twelve Gods of Olympus battled on the 9th round of the God vs Human battle. (Source: Reddit)

In Chapter 82, we get to see an epic battle between the characters of Apollo and Leonidas.

Both these characters have garnered a dedicated fan following with their powers. And with the battle of these two titans, both sets of fans are worried.

At the end of Chapter 82, we find Apollo lying motionless on the ground after Leonidas’s attack.

With the leaks of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83, we get to learn that Leonidas does, in fact, lose to Apollo.

This has fans divided as Apollo is a God, whereas Leonidas is a human. Some fans side with God, whereas some side with the human.

Nevertheless, there are ROR fans who want neither of them to die in this 9th round of battle.

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Fan Reception And Reddit Discussions

Fans are split about this leak as this means that yet another human has lost.

However, supporters of Apollo are overjoyed as despite Chapter 82 hinting that this could be a 50-50 tie, Apollo emerged victorious.

As per various Reddit discussions, we get to see different fan theories.

leonidas lost the battle
The History’s Mightiest Rebel, Leonidas, has lost the battle with Apollo. (Source: Reddit)

Fans now believe from the leaks of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83 that Apollo is going to be pushed as the main character.

No wonder, given the way that Leonidas lost, fans are also quite upset.

We can see via the Reddit discussions that fans who sided with the opinion that Apollo was a snooty god are now speechless.

Potential Theories For Future ROR Chapters

One major theory that fans have on Reddit is that now, in the next battle, a human is more than likely to win.

The recent win of Apollo was of the gods as Apollo is a god character.

Some fans are also critical that whichever character has a more compelling backstory supposedly wins the match.

record of ragnarok chapter 83 scan
Geirölul is one of the 12 Valkyrie who lost her life in the 9th round of the God vs Human battle. (Source: Reddit)

With the recent leak, fans of Leonidas were upset as Leonidas could not last long in the fight.

And to add to that, they could not get to see the clear power of Leonidas in chapter 82.

This has fans believing that in future fights, human side fighters will get some power buff, unlike the case with Leonidas.

Also, observing Apollo’s clear victory, fans state that without major power shows from humans, their fate is going to be the same as Leonidas.

Fans now eagerly await the official release of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 83 in November after having read the leaks.

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