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Reddit Update: Is Yuji Naka Insider Trading In Jail? Japanese Video Game Programmer Arrest And Charge

Yuji Naka and two other Square Enix employees have been jailed on insider trading charges. He quit Square Enix after the critical commercial disappointment of his new original 3-D platformer, Balan Wonderworld, in 2021.

Likewise, he is a Japanese video game programmer, producer, and designer widely known for his exciting work, and many people around the globe know him. Naka has been active in the industry since 1984.

Since his arrest, news has circulated over the media, and many people are keen to learn about the whereabouts of the case. Let’s find out what did he exactly do!

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Is Yuji Naka Insider Trading In Jail?

Yuji Naka, best known as a video game legend, has been detained by the authorities in Japan as they suspected him of being involved in insider trading in Tokyo.

The information was first declared by the Japanese news site FNN, leading to wide noterioty. 

Yuji Naka Arrested as Part of Square Enix Insider Trading Controversy
Yuji Naka Arrested as Part of Square Enix Insider Trading Controversy (Source- Cyrus Gaming)

A few days ago, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office provided official information which stated that Naka fetched sensitive details on a new Dragon Quest mobile game while employed at Square Enix in 2020.

The statement asserts that he bought ten thousand shares of the game’s co-production Company, Aiming, before news of the project went public. 

At the moment, the official did not publicly announce publisher Square Enix’s partnership with Aiming at the game.

Japanese Video Game Programmer Yuji Naka Arrest And Charge

Japanese Video Game Programmer Yuji Naka was charged with insider trading.

Still, he mentioned that he was hoping for the share price to increase, so he decided to buy the share and had no intention of doing illegal work.

There has yet to be any mention of him selling the shares. In the arrest case, not only Yuji has been detained, but two other former Square Enix employees a day earlier on the exact charges.

According to the investigation team, the duo, Taisuke Sazaki, and Fumiaki Suzuki are reported to have bought forty-seven million yen ($336,000) worth of Aiming stock between late 2019 and early 2020.

This happened after Suzuki learned of Dragon Quest Tact’s existence in November 2019.

Since the authority caught the suspect things, they may soon start legal proceedings to find out the correct conclusion.

Yuji Naka has been arrested
Yuji Naka has been detained, and the investigating authority may soon give more updates on him (Source- Flip Board)

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Reddit Update: Know About The Reaction From Online Users

Reddit users have reacted highly to the case, and the comment section has been filled with shock, humor, his release expectation, and many more, which shows the noterioty of Yuji Naka.

Some people believe that he could not do such work, whereas some are waiting for his release from jail and other professional updates so they can have different gaming experiences.

On the other hand, some users feel that he should be detained in prison like in games, and Police should repeat his sentence time like a restart button in-game. 



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