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Does Reed Blankenship Have A Brother? Meet His Parents Troy And Sandra Blankenship

Does Reed Blankenship have a brother? People are eager to learn about the Blankenship family details; know them via this article.

Blankenship is professional football safety and has been in the Philadelphia Eagles of NFC since 2022.

Before starting his professional career, Blankenship played college football in Middle Tennessee as a true freshman- and second-year student in 2018. In 2019 he played as a junior, then a senior, and finally joined the NFL team.

Since he has been involved with the Eagles team, people have started noticing him and are curious to learn more about the player.

Hence, read further about Blankenship and his family, brother, and net worth in 2023.

Does Reed Blankenship Have A Brother?

Blankenship has a sister but does not have a brother, and he grew up with his sister Aralie Ann Blankenship.

There was a rumor about Rodrigo Blankenship and Reed Blankenship being related, and it was claimed that they were brothers. 

But they don’t have any slight chance of being related. Both of them share the same family name, Blankenship, so people needed clarification about their relationship.

As both are professional NFL players, many football fans were curious to learn about their relationship but do not share a blood relationship.

After the rumor unexpectedly took the interest of many fans and followers, they claimed they were unrelated and not brothers. Both players do not share brothers.

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Reed Blankenship’s Parents: Meet His Parents, Troy, And Sandra Blankenship

Reed Scott Blankenship was born on March 2, 1999, to his parents, Troy Blankenship (Father) and Sandra Blankenship (Mother).

Blankenship has been very close with his parents, who have always been there for him; he has mentioned that his parents are his most extensive support system.

His parents have supported his career choice since he started his college career; they used to travel 15-18 hours to see him play.

It is infrequent to have parents on your game night because of their busy schedule, but his parents have never missed his game since he started playing; he often mentioned his parents in an interview and shared pictures with them in public.

Reed Blankenship picks off Aaron Rodgers, making the improbable play that his father foretold.
Reed Blankenship picks off Aaron Rodgers, making the improbable play that his Father foretold. (Image Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Blankenship always has a long talk with his Father about his game, and he always has discussions and clears his thoughts by having a long conversation with his Father.

His parent’s profession has not been disclosed publicly; they have tried keeping a low profile.

Also, Blankenship was raised with a sister, Aralie Ann Blankenship, whose information has yet to be disclosed.

Along with his parents, his sister has always supported him and has been present at his game night. 

Reed Blankenship Net Worth Update 

Blankenship started earning from his playing career after he was drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft by The Eagles.

Blankenship’s base salary in 2022 was $705,000, which increased yearly as per the rule; his current salary is $870,000, which includes a $1,667 bonus, as per the Sources.

Eagles believes Reed Blankenship can build on his strong debut
Eagles believe Reed Blankenship can build on his strong debut. (Image Source: Bleeding Green Nation)

So, his net worth is probably between $2 million and $4 million, which will increase yearly. As he has not publicly mentioned his net worth, we don’t have a real income.

In 2017, 247Sports.com ranked Blankenship 858th nationally, 67th as a safety, and the 43rd-best football prospect in AL for the class.

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