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What Happened To Refaat Alareer Wife And His 6 Children?

Many are wondering what happened to Refaat Alareer wife and children, as they grieve the loss of a Palestinian poet and writer. Are they alive? Now let’s investigate!

Refaat Alareer was a prominent Palestinian writer, poet, professor, and activist.

He was a co-founder of “We Are Not Numbers.” In addition, he taught creative writing and literature at the Islamic University of Gaza concurrently.

Furthermore, two volumes of Palestinian short stories, Gaza Writes Back (2014) and Gaza Unsilenced (2015), was edited by Alareer.

Tragically, as of October 7, Israel has been accountable for the loss of thousands of Palestinian lives.

Sadly, Refaat Alareer, a writer and literary scholar, was one among these victims.

However, people want to know where Refaat Alareer wife and his six children are now that he has passed away.

Where Is Refaat Alareer Wife And Children: What Happened?

Refaat Alareer was a well-known 44 year old Palestinian writer, poet, professor, and activist from the Gaza Strip.

At the Islamic University in Gaza, Alareer served as a professor, focusing on world literature and creative writing.

Refaat Alareer was married to Nusayba and had six children.

Unfortunately, a tragic turn of circumstances led to the death of Refaat Alareer, when an Israeli strike targeted his sister’s apartment.

Thus, Refaat Alareer along with his brother with son, sister, and her three children passed away on December 6, 2023.

Refaat in a black coat.
Alareer earned a BA in English in 2001 from the Islamic University of Gaza and an MA from University College London in 2007. (Source: Twitter)

However, there is not much information about Refaat Alareer children and wife, but some sources say they are alive.

Born during the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, Alareer stated that recent Israeli strikes on the Palestinian enclave revived his early memories of war.

According to a report released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, from October 7 till date, Israeli strikes have killed around 18,600 Palestinians in Gaza.

Before relocating to his sister’s apartment, Alareer sought refuge with his wife and children in a UNRWA school in Gaza.

Refaat with a cake.
He died at the age of 44, in December 6, 2023. (Source: Twitter)

Alareer has been perceived by Israelis as someone who continuously advocated anti-Israel and anti-Israel sentiments.

Furthermore, Euro-Med Monitor reported that Alareer, who faced weeks of death threats online and by phone from Israeli accounts, appeared to be deliberately targeted.

In addition, Refaat states that Gazans feel helpless and do not have any weapons to defend themselves.

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Alareer’s Career And Education

Refaat Alareer was born on September 23, 1979, in Gaza City.

He graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza with a BA in English in 2001 and from University College London with an MA in 2007.

Furthermore, in 2017, he graduated with a Ph.D. in English literature from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Alareer with a mic.
Alareer edited two volumes of Palestinian short stories, Gaza Writes Back (2014) and Gaza Unsilenced (2015). (Source: Twitter)

Gaza Writes Back and Gaza Unsilenced are two collections of Palestinian short stories that Alareer edited.

Moreover, he said in an interview that Gaza Writes Back was an effort to leave a legacy for upcoming generations.

Additionally, co-founding “We Are Not Numbers,” he facilitated connections between Gaza writers and international authors.

Through this, he emphasized the potency of storytelling as a form of resistance.

In addition, Alareer had media appearances on the BBC, Democracy Now!, and ABC News during the Israel-Hamas conflict in 2023.

Alareer published a poem titled If I must die Twitter last month, asking people to take up the poetry in the case of his demise.

Nevertheless, although Refaat Alareer’s untimely death, people will remember and carry on his legacy.

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