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Renee Hartevelt Family: Who Are Her Parents? Siblings And Net Worth

people are curious about Renee Hartevelt Family as Renée Hartevelt was a Dutch student who became a victim of a fellow student, Issei Sagawa, on June 11, 1981.

Sagawa hosted Renee Hartevelt in his home in 1981 while he was a student in Paris.

He raped her, shot her in the neck, and ate various pieces of her body over several days.

Sagawa then attempted to scatter her remains in the Bois de Boulogne park before being caught a few days later and confessing to the Police.

However, French medical professionals declared him unfit for trial in 1983, and he was first detained in a mental hospital before being expelled to Japan in 1984.

The family of Renee Hartevelt promised to work to have Sagawa tried in Japan so that “the murderer would never go free” at the time.

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Renee Hartevelt Family: Who Are Her Parents? Siblings

Sadly, the authorities seem to be very secretive about the case as they have not revealed any information about Renee Hartevelt Family to the public till now.

Hence, no information about Renee Hartevelt Family was found on the internet, like the name of her parents, number of siblings, and others. 

Renee Hartevelt
Renee Hartevelt killed and eaten by Issei Sagawa.
(Source: Mirror)

Renee Hartevelt Family pledged to push for Sagawa to be prosecuted in Japan so that “the murderer would never go free.”

But things did not go as planned, and the case was closed, leaving the murderer to walk free.

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Renee Hartevelt Net Worth 2024

Renee was just a college student when she was brutally murdered, so not much about her net worth was found on the internet.

Likewise, there is no information on where she worked when she was well, and there is no info on his family’s financial status.

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However, according to various resources, Renee’s family might be middle-class, and they don’t seem to be filthy rich.

Nonetheless, this information is yet to be confirmed by the officials themselves.

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