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Richard Atchison Arrested As He Throws Christmas Tree At His Wife, Charges

Richard Atchison’s Arrest news made headlines this morning; he was detained for beating his wife with a Christmas tree.

On Monday evening, a Florida man was arrested after allegedly beating when his wife requested help with dinner; he presented her with a Christmas tree.

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According to FOX35, Richard Atchison, 52, is facing charges after cops went to a domestic argument at a Fruitland Park apartment.

Was Richard Atchison Arrested As He Throws Christmas Tree At His Wife?

According to an arrest complaint obtained by FOX 35 Orlando, Richard Atchison, 52, “lost his temper” at the couple’s Fruitland Park home Monday evening when his wife begged for assistance; she dropped a spoon into the sink, accidentally dousing him in water.

Richard Atchison
Richard Atchison Arrested As He Throws Christmas Tree At His Wife (Source: kossyderrickent)

Atchison’s wife, 48, whose identity has not been revealed, told Police she was cooking supper when her husband grew upset with her for asking for assistance.

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Atchison grabbed his belongings and walked outside to his car before coming home because “he had been drinking” and urged his wife to leave.

According to the Police report, as the victim attempted to exit, he pushed the main door open with both hands and shoved her in the shoulder region away from the entrance, causing her to stumble.

According to the deputies, Atchison struck the wife before picking up and throwing a Christmas tree at her from the room’s corner. He allegedly blocked the front door to keep her from leaving.

The victim, shaken by what had just happened, walked into the living room and sat with a visiting friend.

Shortly after, Atchison grabbed the Christmas tree from the corner of the room and hurled it into the kitchen. At that moment, the tree had split in half.

According to the complaint, the defendant picked up the broken tree and flung it at his wife, injuring her.

The horrified wife rushed into a bedroom and shut the door, but Atchison followed her and kicked the door open.

The lady reportedly told Police that she tried to flee the House again, but Atchison stopped her. He was still ranting. According to the Police report, she was at her when they came.

Richard Atchison’s Arrests And Charges

When Police arrived, they discovered him cursing at her. Authorities accused him of third-degree criminal false imprisonment, domestic violence, and minor injunction violation. 

Richard Atchison
Richard Atchison’s Arrests (Source: Timesnownews)

He was transported and placed into the Lake County Jail before being released on $8,000 bail on Tuesday.

He said, “I lost my anger,” and I left. When he chose to go back inside after drinking, he had already packed clothing and was on his way to his truck when his wife was instructed to go.

Atchison then claimed to Police the altercation with his wife was ‘verbal only and no physical contact was made that evening,’ the report added.

According to the Police spokeswoman, no emergency services were summoned to the residence on the night of the event, and no injuries were reported.

This is not Atchison’s first arrest for domestic violence; according to a Police spokeswoman, he has been in and out of the Lake County Jail 23 times since 1997 for different offenses, including 5 for domestic abuse.

Fruitland Park is a “quiet and serene neighborhood” located just northeast of Orlando. It is known as ‘The Friendly City,’ a mix of Old Florida and New Orleans.


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