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Richard Pryor Was Not Gay, The Late Comedian Was Open About Being Bisexual

The number of times the news about Richard Pryor was not gay came out, but he was open about his sexuality. Let’s talk about Richard Pryor’s gay news. 

Richard Pryor left this word on December 10, 2005, and people knew him as one of the famous stand-up comedians and Actors. 

Pryor started performing regularly in clubs along with many famous personalities. He started his career by writing television shows such as Sanford and Son and The Flip Wilson Show.

He also shared many Grammy Awards for his writing; he received Primetime Emmy Award and five Grammy Awards.

Pryor was listed as number one on Comedy Central’s list of all-time greatest stand-up comedians. 

People started noticing him as the stand comedian for the first time, but after some time, he started writing and being in the series. 

Richard Pryor Was Not Gay: Gay Rumors 

People were always curious to know about Pryor’s sexuality; he was clear about his sexuality for some time. 

He was married seven times to the same woman, sometimes when he was alive, but people still were confused about his sexuality. 

Late Comedian Richard Pryor with his wife, Jennifer.
Late Comedian Richard Pryor with his wife, Jennifer. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Pryor confirmed that he was not gay after the question started being raised for a long time; people were confused people of his attitude and his personality. 

When he left the world, he was married to Jennifer Lee, which might have raised the question of whether he was in a relationship with a guy. 

But he was never in a relationship with any man in his lifetime; he also cleared the information with his fans. 

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The Late Comedian Richard Pryor Was Open About Being Bisexual

The question about his being gay was getting out of hand, so he shared being open about bisexuals. He mentioned that it was okay to be bisexual, but he never confirmed that he was bisexual. 

When Pryor confirmed that he was open about bisexuality, people started believing he was bisexual. 

He told his wife that she was okay with him being open about bisexuality. His wife was also okay with him being bisexual; she mentioned that he talked about being bisexual beautifully. 

Additionally, he never considered himself bisexual. He was only open about people being bisexual. 

That news about his being open about bisexuality made people more concerned about his sexuality before he was said to be gay, but after some time, he was said to be bisexual as well. 

But looking at his relationship status, it does not seem like he was gay or bisexual. Fans were concerned, as he never was open about his sexuality and never shared it. 

The issues about his sexuality came when he made jokes as a stand-up comedian about sexuality and being gay or anything related to sexuality. 

He was a standing-up comedian who used to make jokes on the stage, but some people took it seriously and made an issue. 

Richard Pryor Best Stand-up Comedian Back in 1980s.
Richard Pryor Best Stand-up Comedian Back in the 1980s. (Image Source: Decider)

His wife Jennifer was very concerned about him because he was not okay with the news and rumor about him. 

Additionally, it seems like he was straight, and he was just open about people being bisexual. 

Pryor was not gay or not even bisexual; he was married seven times and never dated a guy, so how can we question his sexuality? 

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