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50 Richest Criminals Of All Time

Let’s check out Richest Criminals of All Time !!

There are people in the world who have amassed enough wealth from criminal and unlawful deeds. It’s no surprise that illegal activity pays considerably more than legal labor.

We all know it’s awful to commit heinous crimes, but now it’s also apparent that the payback is enormous.

Many people join the criminal underworld because of the various benefits, i.e., enormous wealth.

Let’s learn how these criminals turned their criminal activities into profitable businesses.

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Rank Name Net Worth
1. Pablo Escober $30 Billion
2. Amando Carillo Fuentes $25 Billion
3 Semion Mogilevich $10 Million
4.  Dawood Ibrahim $6.7 Billion
5. Viktor Bout $6 Billion
6. Leona Helmsley $5 Billion
7. Khun Sa $5 billion
8. Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas $2.7 billion
9. Adnan Khashoggi $2 Billion
10. Allen Stanford $2 Billion
11. Griselda Blanco $2 Billion
12. Frank Costell $1 Billion
13. Joaquín Guzmán Loera $1 Billion
14. Bernard Lawrence Madoff $820 Million
15. Joseph P. Kennedy Sr $400 Million
16. Carlo Gambino $400 Million
17. Jho Low $150 Million
18 Al Capone $100 Million
19. Big Meech $100 Million
20. Bugsy Siegel $100 Million
21. Nevin Shapiro $82 Million
22. Frank Lucas $52 Million
23. Rayful Edmond $50 Million
24. John Gotti $30 Million
25. Paul Castellano $20 Million
26. Ephren Taylor $10 Million
27. Frank Abagnale $10 Million
28 John Gotti Jr $10 Million
29. Andrew Luster $10 Million
30. Billy McFarland $5 Million
31. Sammy Gravano $2 Million
32. Freeway Rick Ross $1 Million
33. Hector “Junior” Pagan $1 Million
34. Michael Franzese $1 Million
35. Joe Exotic $1 Million
36. George Norman $500,000
37. Kenneth Petty $500,000
38. Lee D’Avanzo $500,000
39. Nicky Barnes $500,000
40. Conrad Murray $500,000
41. Charles Manson $400,000
42. Mary Kay Letourneau $400,000
43. Charles Cosby $100,000
44. Scott Tucker $100,000
45. Tom Petters $50,000
46. Lisette Lee $30,000
47. Michael Alig $30,000
48. Joey Buttafuoco $20,000
49. George Jung- $10,000
50. Guy Fisher $10,000

Richest Criminals Of All  Time

The criminals and their Net Worth listed below are Compiled from different websites, including Celebrity Net Worth and Wealthygorilla.

50. Guy Fisher

Guy Fisher was a notorious member of drug lord Nicky Barnes’ criminal gang “The Council.” Fisher was found guilty in 1984 of narcotics trafficking, criminal conspiracy, and RICO violations on several counts.

As a result, he was condemned to life in prison without the possibility of release.

However, Guy Fisher was granted a medical pardon on October 28, 2020, and was freed from federal detention.

As of May, 2024 Guy has a Net Worth of $10,000.

49. George Jung

In the 70s and early 80s, George Jung was a prominent figure in US cocaine trafficking.

He was valued at up to $100 million at the height of his drug-running career. Likewise, he was earning up to $30 million a month in the 1970s and 1980s.

George Jung Richest Criminal Of All Time
George Jung Richest Criminal Of All Time (The New York Times)

Therefore, he was well-known for smuggling significant amounts of cocaine from Colombia into the United States.

As a result, in the 90s,  he was charged with three counts of conspiracy and pled guilty after being apprehended in possession of over 800 kilos of cocaine.

He was sentenced to 60 years in prison before being freed in early 2014. George Jung died at the age of 78 on May 5, 2021.

He had a Net Worth of $10,000 at the time of his death.

48. Joey Buttafuoco

Joey Buttafuoco is an auto body business owner from the United States who shot his wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face.

When Joey Buttafuoco met Amy Fisher at his Long Island car repair business, he felt a near-fatal attraction and had a sexual relationship with her. Amy was only 16 years old then.

However, Buttafuoco eventually pled guilty to statutory rape and was sentenced to four months in prison.

Besides, he was also sentenced to a year in prison and five years on probation in 2004 following a guilty plea to car insurance fraud.

JoeyButtafuoco has a Net Worth of $20,000 as of May, 2024.

47. Michael Alig

Michael Alig, dubbed “King of the Club Kids,” was a notorious nightlife figure and a convicted murderer.

He and his associate Robert Riggs assassinated a former Limelight club employee in 1996. Furthermore, they dissected his body and dumped it into the Hudson River.

However, he was convicted to ten to twenty years in prison and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Nonetheless, he died of a suspected heroin overdose in his apartment on December 25, 2021.

Michael Alig was worth about $30,000 at the time of his death.

46. Lisette Lee

Lisette Lee, also known as the “Pot Princess of Beverly Hills,” is a drug dealer from South Korea. She is considered to be one of the richest criminals in the world, with a Net Worth of $30,000.

Similarly, she led a mysterious life of riches and opulence where she used to deceive people by adopting different identities.

Furthermore, over the course of 14 flights, she transported 7,000 pounds of marijuana from Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio.

However, Lee was detained in June 2010 with 500 pounds of marijuana valued at $500,000.

Therefore, she was sentenced to six years and a $20,000 fine in June 2011.

45. Tom Petters

The chairman and CEO of Petters Group, Tom Petters, has a Net Worth of $50,000. Petters ranks in 45th position on our list of the richest criminal of all time.

He was indexed on many counts in 2009, including wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to operate a Ponzi scheme.

As a result, in 2009, he was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to 50 years in jail.

Thus, Petters is presently imprisoned at the Leavenworth Federal jail in Kansas.

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44. Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is an American businessman and former professional racing driver.

He is to blame for scamming millions of people in the United States through predatory payday loans.

Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker Race Car Driver (Source: Wikipedia)

Similarly, in October 2017, he was found guilty of racketeering and making unlawful payday loans.

As a result, his $2 billion payday-loan enterprises collapsed, and he was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Therefore, the court convicted Tucker of money laundering, racketeering, fraud, and unlawful debt collecting, among other charges.

Furthermore, his $8 million houses in Aspen, a total of six Ferraris, Learjet 60, four Porsches were also confiscated by police.

As of May, 2024 he is worth about $100,000.

43. Charles Cosby

Charles Cosby was a former drug dealer in the United States who started selling narcotics in his late teens. With a Net Worth of $100,000, Cosby is the 43rd richest criminal of all time on our list.

Despite the fact that Cosby had a family, he was rumored to have been romantically involved with Griselda Blanco.

Griselda Blanco is renowned as the “Godmother of Cocaine” and one of history’s most notorious criminals. While Griselda Blanco was imprisoned, Charles made contact with her.

One thing led to another; they were exchanging letters and phone calls.

Their contact helped to expand the cocaine dealing business in the United States, which eventually made Cosby a multi-millionaire after only six months and the boss of Blanco’s $40 million-per-year cocaine empire.

42. Mary Kay Letourneau

Mary Kay Letourneau was a controversial American teacher. She came into the highlights after it was found that she had a sexual connection with Vili Fualaau, a 13-year-old student, in 1996.

Hence, she was subsequently found guilty of second-degree child rape.

Later, she was sentenced to two prison terms as a result of her actions. The first lasted only three months, whereas the second lasted seven years.

Hence, Mary ranks 42nd on our list of the richest criminal of all time with a Net Worth of $400,000.

Mary Kay passed away on July 6, 2020, at the age of 58, following a long fight with cancer.

41. Charles Manson

Charles Manson is regarded as a heinous and richest criminal of all time with a Net Worth of $400,000. Around the late 1960s, he was the leader of the Manson Family in the California desert.

Manson had become a symbol of madness, violence, and the macabre throughout time. As a result, he spent the better part of his life in prison.

It all began when he was nine years old and set fire to his school.

Later, in 1971, Charles Manson was sentenced to death for his involvement in the murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate. However, the next year, his sentence was reduced to life in prison.

As a result, he died in 2017 after more than four decades behind bars.

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40. Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson’s cardiologist and personal doctor. He is considered to be one of the richest criminals with a Net Worth of $500,000.

In 2006, Murray met Jackson initially and immediately became friends.

Likewise, reports also show that Murray was paid $150,000 a month as Michael Jackson’s personal doctor.

However, Murray was discovered to have given the singer a daily infusion of propofol.

Therefore, Murray was convicted of the involuntary killing of Michael Jackson in November 2011 and sentenced to four years in prison.

39. Nicky Barnes

At the height of his power, Nicky Barnes commanded “The Council.” It is a New York-based criminal gang responsible for a large percentage of the city’s heroin trafficking.

Nicky was valued at over $50 million at the height of his drug-trafficking career.

Nicky Barnes
Nicky Barnes(Source: The New York Times)

As a result, throughout the late 1960s and 1970s, he amassed a tremendous fortune.

Likewise,  he accumulated a luxury automobile fleet, several residences and apartments, and over 100 pairs of custom-made shoes, among other things.

Consequently,  in early 1978, Nicky Barnes was sentenced to life in prison for his narcotics offenses.

Later, Barnes eventually switched sides and began collaborating with the government. More than 40 additional accused offenders were indicted as a result of his assistance.

As a consequence, his sentence was shortened to 35 years in prison. Barnes passed away on June 18, 2012, from cancer.

Thus, as of May, 2024, Nicky Barnes’ Net Worth is projected to be $500,000.

38. Lee D’Avanzo

Lee D’Avanzo is a gangster from the United States. With a Net Worth of $500,000, Lee ranks 38th on our list of the richest criminals of all time.

Lee D’Avanzo has a criminal record that spans over two decades.

In Essex County in 1998, he was found guilty of burglary. Similarly, he received a five-year term for conspiring to distribute marijuana less than three years later.

Likewise, he received a 62-month federal prison term in 2003 on a racketeering conviction for thefts, pot trafficking, loansharking, and financial fraud.

As a result, Lee received a sentence of more than five years. According to several accounts, he pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm.

37. Kenneth Petty

Kenneth Petty is well-known for marrying Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is a Grammy Award-winning singer, model, and actress who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

Petty is classified as a category two sex offender by the state of New York. Petty was charged with attempted rape when he was a teenager in 1995.

Kenneth Petty
Kenneth Petty(Source: All News)

Likewise, in 2006, he pled guilty to counts of manslaughter following the death of Lamont Robinson in 2002 as a result of a gunshot.

According to celebrity net worth, he is considered to be one of the richest criminals of all the time, with a Net Worth of $500,000.

36. George Norman

George Norman is a wealthy American criminal with a fortune of $500,000.

To fund his extravagant lifestyle, he stole almost $500,000 from a Denver bank. Thus, his opulent lifestyle featured a Lear aircraft and a multimillion-dollar house in Salt Lake City.

The multimillionaire spent more than two decades on the run from police.

Therefore, George Norman was apprehended by federal marshals in the mid-1990s.

35. Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic owned and operated one of the largest tiger breeding and cub petting facilities in the United States and has a Net Worth of $1 Million.

He made headlines in October 2017 for murdering five tigers to make room for additional animals in the cages.

Likewise, he also paid two persons to assassinate animal rights activists after she threatened to close his zoo in the same year.

As a result of his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot, he is presently serving 22 years in jail.

34. Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese is a former American mobster and Captain of the Colombo crime family. He has a Net Worth of $1 million.

Furthermore, he was included on Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses in 1986 in number 18 by Fortune magazine.

Likewise, Michael left the school to become a captain of the Colombo family’s dictatorship. He also generated more money for a crime family than anybody else since Al Capone.

Moreover, Michael made between $5 to $8 million every week for his most prosperous category.

However, he subsequently decided to abandon that life. Thus, his book, Quitting the Mob, was released in 1992.

33. Hector “Junior” Pagan

Hector “Junior” Pagan is a former Bonnano crime family associate and has a $1 million Net Worth.

Pagan has been involved in aggressive and criminal conduct since he was 13 years old.

Likewise, he also has a history of violence and illicit gambling, loan sharking, selling hundreds of pounds of marijuana, among others.

In August of 2014, Pagan was sentenced to 30 years in prison for Donovan’s 2010 murder and robbery.

Nevertheless, his term was reduced to 11 years because of his cooperation with the FBI on 25th September 2014.

32. Freeway Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a former drug trafficker and novelist from the United States. In the early 1980s, he created a narcotics empire in Los Angeles, California.

Likewise, he grew his company across the country over the years and began working with cocaine traffickers in Columbia.

Besides, he put down $250,000 on a home. He also began to wear a bulletproof vest at all times. Ross even put millions of dollars into a tennis instruction program for children and teenagers.

Moreover,  Ross was charged with narcotics trafficking in the late 1980s after nine kilos of cocaine were seized. He read around 300 novels while incarcerated.

Thus, he was finally able to reduce his life sentence to 20 years and was freed in 2009.

Therefore, Freeway Rick Ross ranks 32nd on our list of the richest criminals of all time with a Net Worth of $1 million.

31. Sammy Gravano

Sammy Gravano is one of organized crime’s most infamous mobsters. Gravano, also known as “Sammy The Bull,” is an Italian-American criminal with a Net Worth of $2 million.

Similarly, he was barely a youngster when the mafia noticed him, and, at the age of 23, he joined organized crime.

Sammy Gravano
Sammy Gravano Richest Criminal Of All Time(Source: Staten Island Advance)

Besides,  he was also a crucial figure in the plot to assassinate Paul Castellano, the Gambino family’s leader.

“Bull” also made a lot of money from his book and interviews.

However, Gravano was again involved in several criminal operations throughout the late 90s.  As a consequence, he was detained and accused of the distribution of drugs.

He was originally set to be released in March 2019 but released in September 2017.

30. Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland is an American con artist who has been convicted of defrauding people. He is also known as one of the richest criminals of all time, with a Net Worth of $5 million.

McFarland was mostly unknown outside of New York’s exclusive nightclub scene until April 2017.

However, after the Fyre festival, everything changed.

It was supposed to be a VIP party, but it ended up being a nightmare since attendees were left with half-built shelters to sleep in and cold cheese sandwiches to eat.

As a result, he pled guilty to wire fraud.

Thus, on October 11, 2018, he was sentenced to six years in jail. A $26 million forfeiture order was also placed against him.

29. Andrew Luster

Andrew Luster ranks 29th on our list of the richest criminals of all time with a Net Worth of $10 Million.

Luster was a descendant of his great grandfather, Max Factor cosmetics fortune. As a result, he enjoyed a life of luxury and prosperity.

But in 2000, after being charged with drugging three women, attacking them sexually, and recording the assaults, Andrew Luster was detained.

Therefore, Luster was sentenced to 124 years in jail after being convicted in his absence.

28. John Gotti Jr.

Following his father’s imprisonment, John Gotti “Junior” assumed control of the Gambino family’s activities and is considered one of the richest criminals of all time with a Net Worth of $10 Million.

In the past, John Gotti Jr. gained millions of dollars by committing different crimes such as gambling, hijacking, loansharking, and many more.

Moreover, the FBI has been trying to gather enough evidence to indict Gotti for a long time.

Finally, with the treachery of Salvatore Gravano against Gotti, he was accused of murder plotting, tax evasion, and extortion, among other things.

He was given a life sentence by the court. However, on June 10, 2002, he died of throat cancer.

27. Frank Abagnale

Frank Abagnale ranks 27th on our list of the richest criminals of all time, with a Net Worth of $10 Million.

At the age of 15 years, Frank Abagnale began his criminal career with a credit card and check scam.

Later, when he learned the knack of writing bogus checks, he found his  “sweet spot’ in crime. Likewise, he also learned that if he used a new, more impressive personality to fool bank tellers, he could cash more fraudulent checks.

As a result, he impersonated to be everyone from a doctor to a pilot.

However, his strategy worked until he was apprehended in France in 1969.

The government told Abagnale that in exchange for his freedom, he had to work for them.

Therefore, he spent almost 30 years as one of the world’s leading specialists on document falsification, check embezzling, and forgery.

Frank has written several books, among which Catch Me If You Can was turned into a movie. The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg in 2002 which featured actor Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead.

26. Ephren Taylor

Ephren Taylor became well-known as the creator of a videogame and became a millionaire in his 20s.

As a result, he delivered investment-related engagements and seminars.  He also used to ask members of the congregation to invest huge sums of money in his real estate development projects.

Similarly, the “Building Wealth Tour” was the title of his lecture series. During his trip, he used to stop at some of the country’s most imposing mega-churches.

Later, he amassed almost $11 million and then vanished.

Taylor was allegedly running a Ponzi scam, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and was sentenced to pay nearly $14 million in damages.

Ephren Taylor is one of the richest criminals of all time, with a Net Worth of $10 Million.

25. Paul Castellano

Paul Castellano was a mafia boss in the United States who is regarded as one of the world’s wealthiest criminals.

He had a Net Worth of $20 million during the height of his influence in the early 1980s. That is almost the equivalent of $50 million now.

Richest Criminals Of All Time Paul Castellano 1959
Paul Castellano 1959 (Source: Britannica)

Besides, he wasn’t a fighter, murderer, or intimidator like other mobsters. He was regarded as a huge money-spinner who was well-liked by the other mob leaders.

Carlo Gambino became a millionaire as a result of his money-making abilities.

Moreover, he was involved in managing  Gambino’s a variety of criminal enterprises, including loan sharking, cigarette smuggling, prostitution, and others.

Later, he took over as leader of the Gambino crime family in New York. Therefore, on December 16, 1985, Castellano was executed unofficially.

24. John Gotti

The Gambino crime family’s head, John Gotti, was based in New York City. He was detained nine times between the ages of 18 and 26, primarily for petty crimes.

Wherever he spotted an opportunity, Gotti earned a fortune for his family and himself via involvement in betting, drugs, pornography, loan sharking, vehicle theft, prostitution, extortion, and labor trafficking.

However,  Gotti received a life sentence in 1992.

Therefore, he died in the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in 2002 after being diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998.

Hence, John Gotti ranks 24th on our list of the richest criminals of all time with a Net Worth of $30 Million.

23. Rayful Edmond

In the 1980s, Edmond was regarded as one of D.C.’s most powerful drug lords. He had made millions of dollars smuggling narcotics into the country from Los Angeles, California when he was 22 years old.

Thus, with a Net Worth of $50 million, he makes the list of the wealthiest criminals of all time.

He ran a large crack and cocaine enterprise in the 1980s and generated around $2 million each week.

Likewise, Edmond began to flaunt his fortune, purchasing expensive vehicles, clothing and indulging in extravagant parties.

Edmond controlled almost 60% of the city’s market by 1989.

Hence, Edmond was apprehended in 1989, and he’s been behind bars for over 32 years.

22. Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas was an American drug trafficker in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Lucas ranks 22nd on our list of the richest criminals of all time, with a Net Worth of $52 Million.

Lucas is thought to have traded $1 million worth of heroin each day during his lifetime.

Furthermore, Lucas barged smuggling heroin into the coffins of deceased American soldiers. He was notorious for bypassing intermediaries in the drug trade.

As a result, Lucas was found guilty of narcotics trafficking in 1975 and sentenced to 70 years in jail.

Frank Lucas died on 30th May 2019.

21. Nevin Shapiro

Nevin Shapiro is a Ponzi scheme operator from the United States, with a Net Worth of $82 million.

Shapiro began to enjoy the high life as money poured in like sunshine on a Miami Beach. He is reported to have lost $5 million in sports betting between 2005 and 2009.

In addition, Nevin also bought an $8 million waterfront home in Miami. He often gifted diamond-encrusted items to folks he hardly knew just for fun.

Besides, he also made a $150,000 donation to the University of Miami.

Nevin was charged with securities fraud and money laundering in April of 2010. Moreover, the FBI alleged that Nevin was the mastermind behind a $930 million Ponzi scam.

Thus, Nevin pleaded guilty in September 2010 and is now serving a 20-year sentence.

20. Bugsy Siegel

Siegel was exposed to criminality from a young age. Siegel got his start in the criminal world by extorting money from street vendors in New York City’s Lower East Side.

With a Net Worth of $100 million, he is now regarded as one of the wealthiest criminals in history.

Besides, Siegel is also thought to have sheltered his pal Al Capone after a murder warrant was issued against him.

He dabbled in gambling, wire services, and narcotics, among other things. However, he might have had a role in developing the drugs trade between Mexico and the United States.

As a result, he led and maintained an opulent lifestyle.

Nonetheless, he was killed in California at the house of his lover Virginia Hill at the age of 41, on June 20, 1947.

19. Big Meech

Big Meech was the leader of a drug trafficking ring,” The Black Mafia Family” in America. He is known as one of the richest criminals in the world, with a Net Worth of $100 Million.

The Black Mafia Family is said to have profited over $270 million.

While still in high school, Meech and his brother, Terry Lee Flenory, made their start, trafficking $50 packages of cocaine.

Later, every day, tens of thousands of dollars in cocaine transactions were made, and Meech was able to keep up his showy lifestyle.

As a result, when they were caught in 2005, they both pleaded guilty to money laundering and narcotics trafficking.

Therefore,  Big Meech’s sentence was lowered by three years for good conduct, and he is scheduled to be released in 2028.

18 . Al Capone

Al Capone was a mobster in the United States during the Prohibition era. With a Net Worth of $100 million, he ranks 18th on our list of the richest criminals of all time.

During the mid-1920s, according to reports, the infamous criminal and his crew made up to $85 million every year.

Capone had already been involved in several violent episodes before he turned 21.

Furthermore, Capone is accused of being the mastermind of the 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

His seven-year reign as a drug king ended when he was condemned to prison at 33.

He was found guilty of tax fraud and spent the latter years of his life in jail, where he was ill.

Thus,  he passed away on January 25, 1947, at the age of 47.

17. Jho Low

Jho Low is a wealthy Malaysian criminal entrepreneur with a Net Worth of $150 million.

He succeeded in persuading Malaysia’s Prime Minister after graduation to create a Low-controlled sovereign wealth fund.

Richest Criminals Of All Time Jho Low Richest Criminal Of All Time
Jho Low Richest Criminal Of All Time (Source: Artnet News)

But, this led to a controversy of 1 MDB (Malaysia Development Berhad).

Moreover, Jho Low also ended up being charged more than $4.5 billion with money laundering and other felonies.

However, he turned the 1 MDB money into a luxurious way of life.

He bought a private airplane and a $250 million yacht along with an extensive portfolio of homes across the world.

Therefore, he is presently thought to be hiding out in rural China since Malaysian authorities want him for his involvement in the 1MDB crisis.

16. Carlo Gambino

Carlo Gambino was a mobster and criminal family head from Sicily who had a Net Worth of $400 million when he died.

During the Prohibition era, he came to prominence through illegal bootlegging. His activities were primarily successful in Chicago and New York.

Following that, he expanded his criminal operations to include unlawful gambling, loan sharking, and drug trafficking, among other things.

Consequently, he had over 500 troops by the 1960s, and his family was making $500 million each year.

Carlo Gambino died on October 15, 1976, at the age of 74.

15. Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

The well-known American businessman, investment, and lawmaker Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. have a Net Worth of $400 million.

Thus, at the age of 25, he was a bank president, and at the age of 30, he was already a millionaire.

Later, by distributing alcoholic beverages to the country’s prohibited zones, he acquired a huge fortune.

Kennedy died on November 18, 1969, at the age of 81.

14. Bernard Lawrence Madoff

Bernard Madoff ranks 14th on our list of the richest criminals of all time, with a Net Worth of $820 million.

Madoff was the former chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Market, an American stock exchange based in New York City.

Madoff had strong ties with affluent and powerful businesspeople in New York and Florida. He signed them up as investors and provided them hefty profits.

Similarly, as additional investors came on board, their funds were utilized to pay off current investors as well as fees paid to Madoff’s business and, reportedly, his family and associates.

He was, therefore, the mastermind of the world’s greatest Ponzi scam, for which he received a 150-year sentence.

As a result of defrauding tens of thousands of clients for up to $65 billion, Madoff died on April 14, 2021, at 82.

13. Joaquín Guzmán Loera

El Chapo is a Mexican drug kingpin whose real name is Joaqun Archivaldo Guzmán. He is the former chief of the Sinaloa Cartel, an “International Crime organization.”

Moreover, the US Treasury Department dubbed him the world’s most powerful narcotics trafficker.

Richest Criminals Of All Time Booking photo of Joaquin
Booking photo of Joaquin (Source: Wikipedia)

Similarly, he also managed Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo’s Logistics in the mid-1980s, “a prominent drug lord in the nation.

Furthermore, El Chapo had a reputation for coordinating aircraft, boats, trains, and trucks to transport narcotics into the United States and Europe.

As a result, Guzman’s Net Worth is estimated to be $1 billion.

Guzman was sentenced to life plus 30 years in jail from a federal court in New York. He has been imprisoned in Florence, Colorado, at a maximum-security prison.

12. Frank Costello

Frank was the head of one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful criminal gangs. So, he was further known as “The Prime Minister of The Underworld.”

Likewise, Frank rose to prominence in the criminal underworld throughout the 1920s.

He managed slot machines, punch cards, bookmaking, and casinos, among other gambling activities. Thus, Frank Costello’s illegal empire made $60 billion in income at its peak.

Therefore, at his death in 1973, the Italian American Mafia criminal had a Net Worth of $1 billion.

11. Griselda Blanco

With a Net Worth of $2 billion, Griselda Blanco, a well-known drug dealer, is the 11th richest criminal of all time on our list.

She was also known as “the Black Widow” and the “Godmother of Cocaine.” Thus,  she was known as one of history’s most ruthless crime lords.

She trafficked over three tons of cocaine into the United States each year, as per reports that brought her almost $80 million each month.

Therefore, with such brutality and a cunning demeanor, Blanco rose to become one of the richest cocaine dealers in the world.

10. Allen Stanford

Allen Stanford is a former banker who was convicted in 2012 of running a Ponzi scam. With a Net Worth of $2 billion, he is regarded as one of the richest criminals in the world.

Stanford was found guilty of a $7 billion certificate of Deposit Fraud Scam (CDs). Thus, Stanford is presently imprisoned in Florida for 110 years.

He was extremely successful after establishing Stanford Financial Group in 1991. Stanford had amassed a Net Worth of $2.2 billion by 2008, making him one of the wealthiest persons in America.

Likewise, he had an opulent lifestyle, surrounded by power and luxury.

According to estimates, Stanford spent $100 million on planes in just three years.

9. Adnan Khashoggi

Adnan Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian billionaire who was well-known for his lavish lifestyle and lucrative business ventures. At the time of his death in 2017, he had a Net Worth of $2 billion.

Richest Criminals Of All Time Adnan Khashoggi
Adnan Khashoggi Richest
criminal Of All Time (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Adnan Khashoggi was deeply implicated in both the Iran-Contra and the Lockheed bribery scandals.

As he is one of the richest men globally, Khashoggi’s property empire had grown to encompass 12 residences throughout the world by the mid-80s.

In addition, he has three private planes. He also acquired 16 units in New York and combined them into one large residence.

8. Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas

The German-Columbian narco-trafficker Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas is one of the biggest drug traffickers in history.

Throughout his drug-trafficking operation, Lehder collaborated with some of the world’s most notorious drug traffickers, including Pablo Escobar.

As a narcotics dealer, he amassed a huge fortune. Therefore, he bought an island called Norman’s Cay for $4.5 Million.

Likewise, considering that a kilo of cocaine costs $20,000, Carlos Lehder was raking in almost $1.5 million per day on the island alone.

Thus, Carlos is considered the richest criminal of all time, with a Net Worth of $2.7 billion.

7. Khun Sa

From 1974 through 1994, Khun Sa was a warlord who controlled much of the heroin traffic in the Golden Triangle.

Similarly, Khun Sa, the “King of the Golden Triangle,” was a guerilla leader. He also led both the Shan United Army and the Mong Tai Army.

Throughout this time, he was said to have been in charge of 70% of the heroin trade in the Golden Triangle. Then, he was accused of attempting to import 1,000 tons of heroin by a New York court in 1989.

Thus, Khun Sa ranks 7th on our list of the richest criminals of all time with a Net Worth of $5 billion.

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6. Leona Helmsley

Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley was a well-known American businesswoman who was also a convicted criminal.

She had a Net Worth of $5 billion at the time of her death.

Likewise, for her dictatorial conduct, she was also nicknamed “Queen of Mean.”

Richest Criminals Of All Time Leona Helmsley Richest Criminal Of All Time
Leona Helmsley Richest Criminal Of All Time (Source: prepona.info)

Moreover, she also refused to pay the contractors she had engaged in constructing the house. As a result, the contractors decided to file a lawsuit.

During the investigation of her activities, she was also convicted of federal income tax fraud and other offenses.

Thus, she died at the age of 87 from congestive heart failure.

5. Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout, a Russian entrepreneur, made his wealth selling arms. However, his actions resulted in a terror-related conviction.

Therefore, Viktor Bout amassed his personal fortune by using his Soviet military expertise. He used his air transport firms to transfer firearms out of the country illegally.

However, Bout was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison in 2012. He is now detained at the Marion Penitentiary of the United States.

Viktor Bout ranks fifth on our list of the richest criminals of all time. His illegal actions are said to have netted him a fortune of $6 billion.

4. Dawood Ibrahim

The Indian government designated him as one of the conspirators of the Mumbai bombings in 1993.

Similarly, terrorist financing, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, extortion, and laundering are among Ibrahim’s illegal activities to date.

Likewise, Dawood is also the owner of a large garage on London’s St John Wood Road, where he engages in several unlawful acts.

Besides, he has three houses in Cyprus, two in Australia, three in Dubai, and one in Turkey, according to reports.

Moreover, he also has a $6.7 billion portfolio of luxury homes in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, according to a story published in the Hindustan Times, Dawood has been residing in Karachi under official protection.

3. Semion Mogilevich

Semion Mogilevich comes in third place on our list of the world’s wealthiest criminals with a Net Worth of $10 billion.

He is known as the “boss of bosses” of most Russian Mafia gangs across the world.

Similarly, Mogilevich is accused of international crimes, including extortion, prostitution, weapon trafficking, and contract killings.

He is also accused of being involved in a large-scale tax fraud scheme when untaxed heating oil was marketed as high-taxed automobile gasoline.

Therefore, despite the orders issued against him, Mogilevich continues to live freely in Moscow.

2. Amando Carillo Fuentes

With a Net Worth of $25 billion, Amado Carrillo Fuentes is the second richest criminal of all time. He was also renowned as a drug lord in Mexico.

Likewise, he was recognized for using advanced technology in the process of conducting his illegal activities.

Especially when it came to using a huge fleet of planes to carry large amounts of cocaine, he was also known as “El Senor de Los Cielos,” which translates to “King of the Skies.

Besides, Amado Carrillo Fuentes held a number of properties, including a sprawling estate with architecture influenced by the Arab world.

The house is known as “The Palace of a Thousand and One Nights” and is still standing today as a testimony to Fuentes’ opulence.

Amado Carrillo Fuentes died in 1997 as a result of a botched cosmetic surgery procedure.

1. Pablo Escober

With a Net Worth of $30 billion, Pablo Escober ranks first on our list of the richest criminals of all time.

Pablo Escober is known as the “King of Cocaine” and one of history’s most notorious criminals.

By the time he was 35, he had become one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, which was made feasible by his drug trafficking enterprise with the US in the 1980s.

Richest Criminals Of All Time Pablo Escober
Pablo Escobar Richest Criminal Of All Time (Source: Wikipedia)

Likewise, his gang smuggled 70 to 80 tonnes of cocaine into the United States every month, representing 80% of the country’s cocaine supply. As a result, he was making $420 million each week.

With his fortune, Escobar purchased a number of homes and safe houses.

Similarly, in July 1992, he fled La Catedral, his personal “luxury jail,” and spent the remainder of his life eluding police.

After 16 months of his escape, he was killed in a gunfight on 2nd December 1992.



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