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Is Rick Harrison Arrested? Pawn Star Sued by His Mother Joanne Rhue Harrison

Is Rick Harrison Arrested? Pawn Stars cast faced legal issues as his mother, Joanne Rhue Harrison. Here’s more about the case update.

Rick Harrison is an American businessman and reality television personality who is famous for appearing on the History series Pawn Stars. 

He is the owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and the shop was also featured in the show. He also released his own memoir named Best Seller License to Pawn.

Furthermore, Harrison was a business-minded person from an early age, as he started working with his dad, Richard Harrison, in the pawn business when he was a teenager.

The Lexington native is not only famous for his professional work, but he is also in the people’s eyes due to the recent legal issues he is facing. 

Is Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Arrested?

At the time of this post, Rick Harrison has not been arrested. However, he is facing legal issues, which may get him detained in the future. 

Harrison is battling with his mother, Joanne Harrison, in court as she claims Rick mishandled and appropriated funds from their family trust, valuables, the family Company, and a slew of other assets.

Rick Harrison Arrested
Rick Harrison was sued by his mother. ( Source: Zee5 )

A report by Las Vegas Review-Journal shows that Harrison is accused of making his mom sign over her 51 percent ownership stake in the Company while she was in a coma and was being cared for in the ICU admitted Valley Hospital.

Rick’s mother sued him in February 2022, and the case has not been finalized yet. So, we can expect to get more details in the future.

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Rick Harrison Sued by His Mother Joanne Rhue Harrison

In February 2022, Rick Harrison was sued by his mother, Joanne Rhue Harrison. His mother claimed that Rich coerced her from her shares in their family pawn shop business and then mishandled the family’s wealth for years after.

To that claim, Harrison denied everything and said that other people manipulated his mother for personal gain. 

While filing the case, Joanne opened a family history that dates back two decades. The family problem got hyped when her husband, Richard Harrison, aka “Old Man,” passed away on June 25, 2018. 

Rick Harrison’s mother and father are together in a frame. ( Source: Daily Mail )

According to the lawsuit, when Joanne’s husband died, Rick took control of many aspects of the business and accounts that Joanne says belong to her. 

In addition to helping her husband lay the groundwork that turned into the Pawn Stars show, Joanne says she is permitted to own family businesses and holdings. They include G&S Pawn Shop (50%), Harrison Properties (35%), Pawn Shop (47.5%), and JoRich (100%). 

Not only that, but the lawsuit shows that Rick failed and refused to provide documentation describing the shop’s finances. Likewise, Joanne was kept in the dark about a $3 million loan that was attached using some of her investments.

It is reported that the Las Vegas law firm Hayes Wakayama represents Joanne. We will give you more updates about this case in the future.

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Where Is Rick Harrison Now?

Rick Harrison is busy with his business as he owns a Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Harrison founded and co-owned the pawning family business with his late dad, Richard Benjamin Harrison, in 1989.

rick harrison
Rick Harrison shares a photo on his bike. ( Source: Instagram )

Despite all the legal issues, Harrison continues to show up for the filming of Pawn Stars. We can also find him on Instagram as @rick_harrison


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