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Rickey Smiley Wife And Kids: Who Is Brenda Morris?

With the rising popularity of Rickey Smiley, millions of his fans are curious about his wife. So, who is she? Let’s find that out!

Rickey Broderick Dornell Smiley, aka Rickey Smiley, is a well-known American actor, radio broadcaster, businessman, and television host.

He is widely recognized for his phone pranks, which he broadcast on his nationally syndicated radio show, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

Furthermore, to his comedic impersonations, Smiley is famous for using humor to discuss social and political problems, which added more spark to his personality.

Apart from being active in comedy, he acted in several movies and TV shows, such as Rickey Smiley for Real.

Thus, the rise in his fame has raised many questions about his personal life, including the life of his wife and children.

That’s why, the search for the wife of Rickey Smiley has subsequently increased in recent times. 

Who Is Rickey Smiley Wife, Brenda Morris?

Although Rickey Smiley and his wife, Brenda Morris, divorced after 12 years of their togetherness, people are still very curious about her.

Brenda L Green, aka Brenda Morris, is a flight attendant at Delta Airlines.

However, despite being the ex-wife of famous comedian Smiley, there is not enough information about Brenda.

Unlike her ex-partner, she is away from the public eye. Looks like she prefers to live a quiet life away from unnecessary media attention.

That’s why no additional information about her besides her professional inclination is available on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Brenda married Smiley when she was 15 and gave birth to her first son, Brandon when she was 16.

Rickey Smiley and his ex wife with their children
Brenda Morris is a popular flight attendant. (Source: Facebook)

The couple happily stayed together for 12 years.

During their marriage, people often spotted them together, enjoying their quality time with each other.

But, the happiness did not last long, and they divorced afterward.

Though they have not openly shared the reason for their separation, people believe it is due to personality differences.

Nonetheless, today, the couple are happy in their own life. Brenda is now in a committed marital relationship with her second husband, Tarius.

In addition, the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in April 2023.

Even though Brenda is open about her marital status and often appears in the media, she rarely shares anything personal about her partner and kids. 

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Rickey Smiley And Brenda Morris Kids 

The comedian Rickey Smiley and his ex-wife, Brenda Morris, shared one son, Brandon Smiley, who died in July 2023. 

Like Smiley, Brandon was an aspiring stand-up comedian and a father to a three-year-old daughter. 

He even appeared with his father on an unscripted TV One series, Rickey Smiley for Real, from 2015 to 2018. Moreover, Bandon also had a son with his wife, Brooke Antonette.

Though the family did not reveal anything about his death, the authorities claimed he died of fentanyl and ethanol toxicity.

Rickey Smiley son attending a event
Rickey Smiley and Brenda Morris had a son named Brandon together before divorce. (Source: Facebook)

The sudden demise of Brandon is not the only unfortunate event suffered by the Smiley family.

In 2020, Smiley announced his daughter, Aaryan, was shot during a road rage incident. 

Besides Brandon and Aaryan, the comedian is a father to 10 children, 2 of whom are biological, including Brandon. 

But Rickey Smiley shares only one son with his ex-wife, Brenda Morris.

Despite the separation, they are still in touch and often come face-to-face when traveling at Delta Airlines, Brenda’s workplace.

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