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Riley Crossman Parents: Mother Chantel Oakley And Father Lance Crossman

Riley Crossman Parents, Lance Crossman, and Chantel Oakley were devastated by the tragic loss of their daughter.

Riley Crossman, a 15-year-old student at Berkeley Springs High School, tragically lost her life in May 2019.

The teenager was initially reported missing. This sudden disappearance led to a massive search. However, the authorities found her highly decomposed corpse in the 5500 block of Tuscarora Pike.

The horrifying case was covered in an episode of Investigation Discovery’s “Murder In The Heartland” titled “Something Happened to Her,” which chronicled all the details.

The teenager’s parents had to endure the unimaginable pain of losing their child in such a tragic manner. Let’s get to know more about Chantel and Lance below.

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Riley Crossman Parents: Chantel Oakley And Lance Crossman

Chantel Oakley and Lance Crossman are Riley Crossman’s mother and father, respectively.

Chantel and Lance were living separately after divorce at the time of their daughter’s tragic death.

Riley Crossman Parents
Riley Crossman parents were left in unimaginable pain after she was killed tragically in May 2019. (Image Source: CNN)

According to reports, Riley was primarily living with her mother, Chantel, and her mother’s boyfriend, Andy McCauley, when she mysteriously disappeared from their home.

The sudden disappearance of Riley was a shocking event that left her parents and the community in a state of disbelief and fear.

The subsequent discovery of her decomposed body was a devastating blow to her parents, shaking them to their core.

The grief and pain they experienced were unimaginable, as they had to come to terms with the brutal reality of their daughter’s untimely death.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, Chantel and Lance found themselves thrust into the public eye, their grief laid bare for all to see.

Despite their divorce, they were united in their love for their daughter. They remained steadfast in their pursuit of justice for Riley, vowing to keep her memory alive.

Boyfriend Of Riley Crossman Mother Was Found Guilty

Andy McCauley, the boyfriend of Riley Crossman’s mother, was found guilty of the heinous crime of murdering Riley.

The court convicted McCauley on the charge of first-degree murder, showing no mercy in their verdict.

For his horrifying act, Andy McCauley was given two life sentences without the possibility of parole by the Morgan County Court in November 2021.

The court further found McCauley guilty of the concealment of a body and death of a child by a custodian through child abuse.

These additional convictions underscored the severity of his crimes and the profound loss suffered by Riley’s family and community.

The trial, which spanned just over a week, was a complex and exhaustive process.

It involved the presentation of 239 pieces of evidence and the testimony of approximately three dozen individuals.

These witnesses included not only Riley’s family members and friends but also a range of experts in fields such as DNA analysis and medicine.

Law enforcement officials also testified, providing crucial insights into the investigation that led to McCauley’s conviction.

Riley Crossman Biological Father Testified 

In the heart-wrenching trial of Andy McCauley, accused of the murder of Riley Crossman, a key figure emerged – Riley’s biological father, Lance Crossman.

Riley Crossman Parents
Riley Crossman’s biological father, Lance Crossman, testified during the mercy phase of Andy McCauley’s trial. (Image Source: Facebook)

Mr. Crossman took the stand, his testimony serving as a pivotal moment in the proceedings.

As he testified, Mr. Crossman made an emotional plea, urging the court to keep McCauley, the man found guilty of his daughter’s murder, behind bars for life.

His words echoed through the courtroom, a raw testament to a father’s grief and his desire for justice.

Lance’s testimony was not just a personal account, but it formed a crucial part of the prosecution’s case.

As the final witness before the jury began their deliberations on a “no mercy” penalty, Mr. Crossman’s words undoubtedly weighed heavily on their minds.

The significance of Lance Crossman’s testimony cannot be overstated. His words, filled with emotion and determination, had a profound impact on the proceedings.

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