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Does US Swimmer Riley Gaines Have Kids? Husband Louis Baker

The former US swimmer Riley Gaines has been making headlines for her controversial take on the sport. Amidst the news, many look for the personal details of the swimmer and wonder if Riley Gaines has kids.

Born in April 2000, Riley Maroe Gaines is an American former competitive swimmer from Gallatin, Tennessee.

She competed for the University of Kentucky NCAA swim team and had a great record.

Further, Gaines was the 2022 Southeastern Conference Women’s Swimming and Diving Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

The athlete has campaigned against the participation of trans women in women’s sports.

Moreover, Gaines has encountered several backlash for her advocacy on the topic.

Thus, many are interested in her family background as she gains popularity and wonder if Riley Gaines has kids.

Does Former US Swimmer Riley Gaines Have Kids? Husband Louis Baker

Netizens want to know if Riley Gaines has any kids out of his relationship.

However, they felt disheartened to know that Riley Gaines has no kids yet.

The sadness increased because the 23-year-old athlete has been married to Louis Baker for over a year but has yet to give a surprise to their fans.

As for Gaines’s partner, he is not well-known, as Gaines has kept details about his background and profession a secret.

Riley Gaines and her husband
Gaines has constant support from her husband. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Baker was previously a part of the UK Swim and Dive team during his college days.

Even before their marriage, Baker supported Gaines throughout her swimming career.

He has been featured in news reports as part of Gaines’s story and has defended her in interviews.

Moreover, Baker stood up for his wife after trans activists attacked her at San Francisco State University earlier this year.

He has also actively promoted Gaines’ accomplishments and raised awareness about women’s sports issues.

Riley Gaines Louis Baker
Gaines has advocated against trans athletes. (Source: Instagram)

Later, the pair engaged in March 2023 and shared the adorable moment through social media.

Further, they married two months later, surrounded by their close friends and family.

As their relationship grows stronger, fans hope to see Riley Gaines having kids one day.

For now, both Baker and Gaines have been focusing on their careers as they are in their early 20s.

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Riley Gaines’s Early Life And Recent Political Controversy

Apart from the kids of Riley Gaines, many have been wondering about the early life of the controversial swimmer.

Gaines was born into a family of athletes; her father, Brad, played football, and her mother, Telisha, played softball.

As for her academics, she received her alma mater from the University of Kentucky.

Riley Gaines in swimsuit
Gaines has traveled to several countries to break her swim records. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the swimmer achieved her first milestone in junior high as she aced the 100-meter butterfly.

She pushed forward in her career with hard work and dedication, earning 12 All-American titles.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Gaines has also been active in political activism related to women’s sports.

Particularly, the swimmer speaks out against policies surrounding transgender athletes.

Moreover, Gaines lobbied her state representatives to pass a law that would prohibit transgender women from women’s sports.

In 2022, she supported the campaign of US Senator Rand Paul by appearing in a TV ad for him.

Due to her political standings, Gaines was part of the protest at the NCAA Convention and spoke at a Donald Trump rally.

Riley and Donald Trump
Gaines has faced backlash for her political views. (Source: Instagram)

Regardless, recently, the athlete has come under fire for her statements against trans volleyball player Tate Drageset.

The University of Washington is planning to award Drageset a scholarship.

However, Gaines blasted the trans athletes, saying that they were stealing opportunities from women.

After such claims, netizens have shown their support as well as disagreement with Gaines’s statement.

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