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Rita Curran Murder: Suspect William DeRoos Became A Buddhist Monk After Killing Vermont Teacher

Rita Curran murder case was finally solved. The mishap happened more than half a century ago, and after a never-ending investigation, it was found William DeRoos was the killer of the Vermont teacher.

Around 50 years ago, Rita Curran, a teacher and singer, was brutally murdered by an unknown person. However, the name of the assailants is pinpointed now by the Acting Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad.

Curran was killed back in 1971. As per the report, the victim was sexually assaulted and strangled to death.

In addition, Curran was badly injured and beaten, as noted by the medical examiner. Moreover, her case was ruled out as homicide. 

There is more to learn about the Curran murder case, so stay with us until the end of this page as we reveal every new update available on the 24-year-old victim’s murderer. 

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Rita Curran Murder: Suspect William DeRoos Became A Buddhist Monk 

As we already mentioned, after more than a half-century, the investigator finally pinpointed Rita Curran’s killer. Specifically, Police Chief Jon Murad was the one who shed light on the case.

Many tried but couldn’t succeed; however, Murad never gave up, and now he has the answer to Curran’s killing. 

As per the reports, Curran, then-24, was murdered by her neighbor, William DeRoos. Moreover, the news broke that Curran’s assailant left the country and became a monk; however, he died of a drug overdose. 

Rita Curran murder case solved.
Rita Curran murder case solved. (Source: VTD)

According to VT Digger, DeRoos, then-31, was newlywed and shared the same building with Curran. 

DeRoos, with his wife, Michelle DeRoos, resided two floors upstairs from Curran. He was a suspect back when the murder case was hot; however, his spouse provided an alibi for him and saved him from further investigation. 

However, after a long gap, DeRoos’ partner finally opened up with the truth. Although Michelle was hesitant, she finally revealed the actual story in front of Murad after some counseling. 

According to Michelle, the night Curran’s murder happened, she and her newlywed husband had a small argument. They quarreled, and William went out to cool down. 

Soon after the truth came out, everything started to link, and William was concluded to be Curran’s killer. It all came together after the DNA from a discarded cigarette butt found at the crime scene was matched up with William. 

Although William succeeded in fleeing at that time from his punishment, he got served by karma. He passed away due to a drug overdose. Wiliams was in San Francisco and was 46 years old.

However, before all that happened, William moved to Thailand and started living his life as a monk. Yes, he left the country and became a Buddhist monk. 

William tried to stay away from his wrongdoing and lived as a monk in a different country for several years.  

Rita Curran Murderer William DeRoos Second Wife 

As the investigation went on, new information began to surface, and investigators found William DeRoos had moved to San Francisco and married another woman

After questioning DeRoos’ second wife, it was revealed that Curran’s murderer changed his name to Dutch, and the woman knew him as a guru. 

Rita Curran with her family.
Rita Curran with her family. (Source: Yahoo)

The woman also revealed about DeRoos’ violent behavior. Moreover, she sheds light on DeRoos’ true nature. As to her, he even stabbed one of her pals and was arrested for doing so; however, what happened next is yet to be revealed.  

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