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Rob Schneider Net Worth: Movies & Lifestyle

Rob Schneider, the veteran actor that has given us years of cheerful comedy movies, has an accumulated net worth of $12 Million.

The comedy actor has accomplished quite a lot throughout his career, including being nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards and winning Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movies Awards.

In Frame: Rob Schneider

Furthermore, the celebrated actor is known for his numerous contributions through the Rob Schneider Music Foundation.

Let’s have a look at the veteran actor’s life, income, and achievements,

Quick Facts

Before we get to the specifics, here are a few well-known facts about Rob Schneider:

Full Name Robert Michael Schneider
Net Worth $12 Million
Birth Date October 31, 1963
Birth Place San Francisco, California
Nick Name NA
Religion Christian
Nationality                          American
Ethnicity English, Filipino, Scottish
Languages Spoken English
Education Terra Nova High School

San Francisco State University

Father’s Name Marvin Schneider
Mother’s Name Pilar (nee Monroe) Schneider
Siblings John Schneider, April Schneider
Offspring 3 (Elle King, Madeline Robbie Schneider, Miranda Scarlett Schneider)
Age 55 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.7m)
Weight 60 kg (132.2 lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name London King (m. 1988, div. 1990)

Helena Schneider (m. 2002, div. 2005)

Patricia Azarcoya Arce (m. 2011)

Profession Actor, Comedian, director, screenwriter
Active Since 1987
Endorsements Tesla S
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

Rob Schneider: Net Worth and Income

The comedy star from “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalow” has a significant of $12 Million. Through his hilarious endeavors as a comedy actor, Rob Schneider has maintained a really lovable personality.

When he was still in SNL, Rob Schneider used to earn $7,000 per episode in the first season, $8000 in the second, and $15,000 during his final seasons.

He started earning big bucks once he transitioned into movies and tv shows. Most of his movies did well in the big cinemas, and him being the star, got a hefty part of the sum.

From most of the movies that he was a star in, he bagged a couple of million. For instance, he was paid $1 Million to star in The Animal.”

However, Schneider has been out of the acting business for a long time now. In fact, he’s returned to stand-up comedy and mostly earns his income through shows.

Other than that, he has some endorsement projects that earn him a decent amount too.

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Net Worth of Rob Schneider in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look at Rob Schneider’s net worth in different currencies. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 10.173 Million
Pound Sterling £ 8.717 Million
Australian Dollar620.72 A$ 16,411 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 15,148 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 881,961,600
BitCoin ฿ 248.70

Rob Schneider: Houses & Cars


Rob Schneider previously had two different houses. The first one was his Normany Manor House in San Marino, which he purchased back in 2003 for $1.922 million.

The 4,690 square feet mansion features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a nice spacious living room, and an outdoor pool.

What’s more, it is that once it even hosted the former president, Late Winston Churchill!

Rob Schneider’s Normandy House in San Marino [Source: patch.com]
However, the house was listed up for sale in 2009 for a price of $3.6 million. But, the house just could not be taken off the market for that price.

And in 2012, Schneider finally accepted $2.3 million for the house.

The other house he had was in Los Angeles. The house covering an area of 2,060  square feet housed 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was sold in 2004 for a price of $1.09 million, according to public records.

He also had another house in LA that got robbed in 2015. However, there aren’t that many details on the house at the moment.


Talking about cars, Rob has a really nice piece of machinery in his garage that surely turns heads while out on the street. If you’ve watched Duece Bigalow: Male Gigolo, you must be really familiar with this car.

Porsche Carerra Cabriolet, the very same that Rob drives in Deuce Bigalow, is his actual car. The car is pretty old now, but back in the day, it used to be quite the hotshot, and it used to cost over $60,000.

Besides that, he probably also owns a Maserati. He, alongside the cast of Grown-Up, i.e., David Spade and Kevin James, was gifted a $200,000 Maserati by Adam Sandler.

Rob Schneider: Lifestyle & Vacations


The SNL star is leading a pretty calm lifestyle while taking care of his two daughters. But he’s not just limited to that. He has different hobbies, among which collecting items is one.

Apparently, he is an avid collector. Previously, his apartment would be surrounded by 1950’s rattan furniture, a tiki lamp, a pair of Eskimo snowshoes, treasured paintings, or just Hawaiian Shirts.

He was especially a huge collector of baseball cards. His collection had some of the rarest pieces that today could be well over $100,000!

In 2015, one such card, the Bowman Card, was stolen from his apartment. The piece, in mint condition, was so rare that it alone was worth $175,000!

Besides collecting, he is also an admirer of sports. He attended WWE’s Wrestlemania 21 in April 2005 and has even commented on a pro wrestling event.

Similarly, he is also a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers and even supports the Mexican soccer club Tigres.

Furthermore, he’s the kind of guy that loves to sit back and chill out. While in San Francisco, he can often be seen having lunch with old friends in corner delis.

Moreover, he’s often active in social media, posting photos of his sets or video cuts on Instagram. He is also a dedicated environmentalist.


Of course, being in the line of work he is in, he’s traveled a lot. Mostly for work, but even so, he’s been to different parts of the world.

But it’s not just work calls that are usually important. He often spends time with his wife and daughters whenever he can.

In 2019, he posted a video sharing how he and his family had a lovely time in Mexico.

Besides that, he’s been to different exotic places, but there isn’t much information on the matter. He’s kept most of his vacations a bit private.


The thing about Rob Schneider is that he’s really nice guy. It’s not just acting that he’s always been drawn to; he’s often considered about other’s lives too.

Through his numerous charities, he’s helped several organizations, and through it, he’s helped thousands of people.

The school system of his hometown had no music education programs due to a lack of funding. He founded his own foundation, The Rob Schneider Music Foundation, in 1996 in hopes of helping.

Through this organization, he encouraged and assisted music education for Junior High School Students. The foundations paid for teacher’s salaries and provided funds that covered the cost of instruments.

To date, he’s given more than $2 million to the program. It’s not just this instance where he showed kindness; here are a few other organizations that have received Schneider’s help,

Animal Rescue Foundation Not on Our Watch
Ante Up For Africa Refugees International
ENOUGH project Screen Actors Guild Foundation
Food 4 Africa Toys for Tots
International Rescue Committee

Other than that, he has also supported causes related to Abuse, AIDS & HIV, Animals, at-risk/disadvantaged youth, Children, Creative Arts, Human Rights, Hunger, Peace, Poverty, and more.

Rob Schneider: Movies & TV Shows, Endorsements

Movies & TV Shows

Since starting out in 1987 on HBO’s 13th Annual Young Comedian’s special, most of Rob’s life has been in front of cameras.

Of course, a huge portion of this career was in SNL, but besides that, his role in numerous comedy movies is what actually made him the guy he is today.

After departing from SNL, he quickly got supporting roles in several movies, including “Surf Ninjas,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” “Demolition Man,” and “Downtown Periscope.”

Following that, he had an on-off part on the TV series “Coach,” and he co-starred in the NBV sitcom “Men Behaving Badly.”

Soon after, he got the starring role in big movies like “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” “The Hot Chick,” “The Benchwarmers,” “The Waterboy,” “50 First Dates“, “The Longest Yard,” “Grown Ups” and more.

The veteran actor has appeared alongside his co-star, Adam Sandler., in 20 different movies.

Additionally, he has also worked as a director. He made his directorial debut in 2009 when the comedy movie Big Stan was released.

However, he slowly started slipping, and now, he’s nowhere to been seen in movies.


In terms of endorsements, Schneider is the official spokesperson of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the Ten Ren Tea Company that is stationed in Taipei.

Furthermore, he was also the spokesperson for State Farm Insurance but was removed due to his negative views on vaccinations.

Moreover, he is also an endorser for the Tesla Model S.

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Rob Schneider: Career

Rob Schneider has been a stand-up comedian for a long time. From his school years, to be precise. He’d often go out to Bay Area and perform in nightclubs like the Holy City Zoo and The Other Cafe.

In 1987, he was given a chance to perform in HBO’s 13th Annual Comedians Special, hosted by Dennis Miller.

This one appearance boosted his publicity, and he got the opportunity to work on Saturday Night Live.

Though it was initially the writer’s position, he soon escalated and joined as a full cast member.

He portrayed characters like “Tiny Elvis,” “Orgasm Guy,” “The Richmiester,” “Carlo,” and “The Sensitive Naked Man.

Later he departed from SNL in 1994 and soon after landed parts of supporting character in big movies including “Demolition Man,” “Judge Dredd,” and “Beverly Hillbillies.

He then went on to play roles and co-write movies like “The Hot Chick,” “The animal,” and “The Benchwarmers.” Besides that, he acted in several movies starring Adam Sandler.

Furthermore, he even starred in the CBS comedy “Rob” based on his life and circumstances and the Netflix show “Real Rob,” which follows his actual real-life events and includes his wife and daughter.

3 Facts About Rob Schneider

  • The guy is so talented that he can do nearly 50 celebrity impersonations and odd voices!
  • Apparently, Rob has even done commentary for a pro wrestling event.
  • Surprisingly, he has been an outspoken critic of vaccination for a long time. He has even made claims that they cause autism!


What nationality is Rob Schneider?

Rob Schneider is an American; he was born and grew up in San Francisco, California. His grandparents belong to different ancestry, though, which is why he may seem slightly like an outsider.

Are Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler Close Friends?

Yes, Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler are still excellent friends. Having shared the big screen in 20 different movies, the two often enjoy each other’s company.



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