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Robert Card Parents: Father and Mother of Maine Mass Shooter

With the recent Maine mass shooting that happened, many have placed curiosity in the suspect, Robert Card, and his parents. Know more about it further down the article.

Police have been searching for Robert Card, presumed to be the suspect in the shooting. 

He is suspected of killing a minimum of 18 individuals at a crowded bowling alley in Lewiston.

He then proceeded to open fire at a bar located a few miles away.

As for personal details, Robert R. Card is a 40-year-old man from Bowdoin, Maine.

Authorities described him as armed and dangerous and circulated a photograph of a man wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt and carrying a military-style semiautomatic rifle.

Thus, major media outlets have been offering information about the suspect, Robert Card, as many people want to know him and his parents.

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Robert Card Parents: Father And Mother Of Maine Mass Shooter

Since the Lewiston Maine Police Department reported Robert Card as a suspect in the mass shooting at Schemengees Bar and Sparetime Recreation, many have become interested in knowing about him and his parents.

However, as of now, there’s not much to go on about his parents. No information about them has been made public yet.

The local law enforcement has only released Robert Card’s name along with his birth date, which is 4/4/1983, and showed his picture.

There’s also another picture of him holding a gun.

Robert Card carrying a fish
Law Enforcement is trying to locate Robert Card for his crime. (Source: Telegraph)

But as for the parents of Robert Card, it seems like they are being private for now. It’s a reasonable decision since their son has caused such a tragedy.

However, they might also come out in the future and reveal themselves to the world.

They may then release more information and insider details on what happened with Robert Card and why he did such a thing.

Police and local authorities may also release more information in the near future as this incident has gained such a massive public interest.

It’s the same case for his siblings; there are not many details about whether Robert Card has any brothers or sisters.

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Robert Card Has Mental Problems

Although there’s not much information about the parents of Robert Card, we do know that he has had mental problems in the past.

Sources have revealed that he is a twice-divorced man and has three children. However, he has been arrested before for domestic violence and other crimes.

One of his ex-wives even got a restraining order to keep him away.

According to US intelligence, Robert Card is a military-trained firearms instructor who had recently gone through treatment for mental health.

But they didn’t exactly reveal what kind of treatment he got.

Robert Card carrying a gun
Robert Card was armed at the time of the shooting. (Source: Fox5 Atlanta)

The document also said Robert had told someone he was hearing voices. Also, in the past, he threatened to do a shooting at a military training base in Saco, Maine.

Now, the police are sending a lot of officers to pursue him as they see him as a “person of interest.”

So, this may have contributed to the recent Maine mass shooting.

It’s not clear how many people have died in the incident. Early reports suggest that there are at least 16 deaths and around 50 people injured.

Now, the most recently updated news has reported that there were at least 18 deaths. A clear report may come out soon in the media.

The shooting started around 8 P.M. local time at different places, like Schemengees Bar and Grille, Sparetime Recreation, and the local Walmart.

After such a massacre, the state police have now issued a murder warrant for Robert Card.

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