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Robert Card Siblings: Brother and Sister of the Maine Mass Shooting Convict

The major suspect in the recent mass shooting in Maine, Robert Card, has sparked curiosity among many about his siblings. Find out details in the article below.

Robert Card has been on the run as police have been searching for his connections in the Maine mass shooting.

The shooting has left 18 people dead and another 13 injured in Lewiston, Maine.

Initially, Card started at a crowded bowling alley, Sparetime Recreation, where a children’s league occurred.

Later, he moved to open fire at a local bar, Schemengees Bar, a few minutes away.

Further, an arrest warrant has been issued for the armed and dangerous suspect Card, who is in his 40s.

Moreover, photographs of Card wearing a brown hooded jacket and carrying a semiautomatic rifle have been circulated.

Now that information about Robert Card has been made public, many want to know him and his siblings.

Robert Card Siblings: Brother and Sister of The Maine Mass Shooting Convict

Since the shooting in Lewiston, Marine, on October 25, Robert Card has drawn attention to his siblings.

However, not much information about his family and siblings has been made public.

The police department of Maine has only released a picture of Card for public knowledge.

Further, as for the siblings of Robert Card, we cannot say for sure how many the shooting suspect has.

As of now, we only know about one brother and sister of Robert Card.

Robert Card photo
Robert Card was a military-trained firearm instructor. (Source: Facebook)

Recently, his sister-in-law, Katie, came forward in the media to plead for Card and his crimes.

This provides us with a faint idea about the relationship of Card with his brother and his wife.

Further, Card’s sister told investigators she thought Card might have been looking for an ex-girlfriend at the shooting locations.

Robert Card personal life
Robert Card struggled with mental health issues. (Source: Facebook)

In addition, police found a note addressed to his son at Robert Card’s home, described as a suicide note.

Despite such discoveries, it seems like the family and siblings of Card are being private about personal details for now amidst the distress.

Moreover, local legal authorities may release his personal information as the case develops.

The police are making a reasonable decision to keep it under cover to protect the Card family from hostility.

However, Card’s family is cooperating with the local authorities and their investigations.

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Card Online Behavior And Struggle With Mental Health

Despite the lack of details on Robert Card siblings, authorities have revealed in depth about his behavior.

Card has a military background as he was enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve and has an active military ID.

Further, officials say he served as a firearms instructor in the Army Reserve stationed in Saco, Maine.

However, Card had recently gone through treatment for his mental health.

Robert Card shooting
Robert was armed with a semiautomatic rifle during his rampage. (Source: Facebook)

Likewise, he started wearing hearing aids recently and heard people bash him in both shooting locations beforehand.

In the past, Card had threatened to shoot others in a military base in Maine.

The defense department has confirmed Card was “behaving erratically” while deployed in the military.

Moreover, Card’s online behavior is also under investigation.

The suspect appears to have interacted with conspirational content online.

Further, Card engaged with topics concerning gun rights and Democratic public officials, including President Joe Biden.

Other matters include the discovery of classified documents at Biden’s home and calls for the abolition of the IRS.

Moreover, the officials have not spoken about the potential motive behind the shooting.

However, looking into his past behavior will provide information as they move forward with the event.

Now, there is an active search going on for the suspect in question.

Police have advised the people not to approach Card under any circumstances.

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