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Robert Telles Wikipedia, Trial: Did He Murder Jeff German?

Ever since attorney Robert Telles was accused of the murder of Jeff German, people started searching for him on Wikipedia to know about the further details of the incident and his trial.

Robert Telles is an attorney and a public administrator from Nevada who was born in the year 1977.

Coming from a family with a long history of public service, Robert also decided to pursue his career in the same field.

With that aspiration, he earned a doctorate degree in law from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. And he then started working as a lawyer.

But, over the past years, his public image started to become quite questionable with all the allegations surrounding domestic and workplace disputes.

However, all those allegations and violations have now become secondary after his alleged involvement in the murder of journalist Jeff German.

People who are just learning about the case want to dive deep into the details of the Wikipedia of Robert Telles.

Robert Telles Wikipedia: From Domestic and Workplace Dispute to Shocking Murder Indictment

Even before the murder charges, the reputation of Robert Telles had been going downhill which led the wide internet surge on Wikipedia.

He had a confrontation with the Nevada Police Department on the 29th of February 2020 after his wife’s 911 call.

Robert Telles mugshot
Robert pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. (Source: Twitter)

She tells the Nevada Police Department that Robert Telles was ‘going crazy’ after heavily drinking on their date night.

His wife also mentioned that she is in worry for herself and her children because he was acting very strange.

When police arrived at the scene, Robert Telles was extremely intoxicated and uncooperative, which led to his arrest.

Not only his wife but also his colleagues often describe him as extremely short-tempered.

They recall the moments when they had to decline interview requests so that they would not have to deal with him.

Additionally, Robert Telles has various allegations for violations in this State Bar of Nevada.

However, Robert is now in even deeper waters for even more heinous claims.

A CNN report from October of 2022 details that he has been ‘indicated’ for the murder of Journalist Jeff German.

Robert Telles and Jeff German in the frame
Robert Telles was the Clark County Public Administrator in Nevada. (Source: Twitter)

According to the prosecutors Robert Telles “willfully, unlawfully with malice afterthought killed Jeffrey German.”

He allegedly used a deadly weapon to stab the 60-year-old journalist multiple times until he was dead.

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Did Robert Telles Murder Jeff German? Dark Shadow on a Fallen Attorney’s Wikipedia

The prosecutors suggest that Robert Telles was unhappy with Jeff’s articles about him.

Jeff had mentioned his workplace harassment and inappropriate relationship with one of his staff members in his articles.

After his arrest for the murder charges he came forward to clean his public image through local media.

However, it appears that very few people are buying his statements.

This incident has also been able to raise a lot of concerns about press freedom in the U.S.

Robert Telles picture while having a debate
From being a famous attorney to a suspect in a murder, Robert’s life has made a complete 360. (Source: Twitter)

Various journalist groups in the USA want a proper investigation of the case and a solid punishment for the guilty.

Thankfully the surveillance video and various other proofs are there with many clues to the murderer.

Although Robert Telles is yet to be found guilty, the proofs against him make everyone believe that he must have done it.

Among all the proofs his DNA found on Jeff’s fingernails and the sun hat found in his garage is a big pointer.

Not only that, Jeff also has the same red car that was on the surveillance video.

If the prosecutors prove him guilty all his hard work throughout the years to become a famous attorney will be a waste.

Robert Telles will never be able to get out of prison and his Wikipedia will be all about the murder.

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