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Rod Wave Might Have 7 Siblings Including Tweezy, Shad, & Tellis: Family

After a stunt at his recent show, Rod Wave is the talk of the town, and many have become interested in knowing about him and his siblings.

Born on August 27, 1998, Rodarius Marcell Green, aka Rod Wave, is an American rapper and singer.

Rod rose to fame with his 2019 single Heart on Ice which went viral on YouTube and TikTok.

Further, he is known for his hip-hop and R&B style, along with strong vocals.

The singer’s debut album, Ghetto Gospel, peaked at number 10 on the US Billboard 200.

Since then, his studio albums SoulFly, Beautiful Mind, and Nostalgia have debuted at the top of the Billboard chart.

With his fame and popularity, many have grown curious about Rod Wave and his life, including his siblings.

Rod Wave Might Have 7 Siblings, Including Tweezy, Shad, & Tellis

The subject of celebrity siblings is always the topic of discussion, and Rod Wave is no exception.

Further, many wonder about the number of siblings that the hip-hop singer has.

Rod has sparked curiosity among the people regarding his relationship with Tweezy, Shad, and Tellis.

Rod Wave wearing his merch
Rod Wave’s debut album topped the Billboard 200 charts. (Source: Instagram)

In many of his videos, Rod can be seen wearing and showing off a jacket that says Free Tweezie.

This refers to PC Tweezie or Tweezy, a fellow Florida rapper who had a life full of struggle like Rod himself.

However, Tweezy is not one of the siblings related to Rod Wave despite the rumors.

Further, there is no evidence of Rod being related to Shad as well as Tellies.

Rod Wave for Apple music
Rod Wave is private about his family and their details. (Source: Instagram)

Other than both these personalities being a rapper, they don’t have any relation with Rod.

Likewise, the speculation of Rod having a total of 7 siblings is not true, as he has never spoken about it.

Moreover, Rod Wave has only ever mentioned his two siblings, his half-brother and sister.

However, Rod is private about matters related to his siblings, so much information is not available.

The rapper was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, in a low-income neighborhood.

Further, both his parents and siblings had a great influence on the musical journey of Rod Wave.

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A Peek At The Hip-Hop Rapper Family Details

Rod Wave has rarely opened up about his family during shows and interviews.

However, his family, especially his father, is frequently the theme of his songwriting.

When Rod was a student at elementary school, his parents got separated, and Rod lived with his mother.

Further, they struggled to make ends meet, which led to Rod involving himself in robbery and drug dealing.

Moreover, authorities sentenced his father to 6 years for robbery when Rod was in primary school.

Rod Wave with money in his hands
Rod Wave has a great way of expressing everyday struggles. (Source: Instagram)

This had a great impact on Rod, which helped him steer his life to the correct path.

Likewise, his father encouraged Rod to pursue a career in music after his release from prison.

He bought him a microphone while his brother bought him a computer, so Rod started experimenting with tunes.

At first, Rod only saw it as a hobby and a way to keep himself off the streets.

But, to his surprise, he started getting local buzz, showing him that there was potential in his music.

Rod in a studio
Rod Wave’s father encouraged his musical career. (Source: Instagram)

Soon after, Rod signed a deal with Alamo Records, where he collaborated with artists such as Moneybagg Yo.

Further, all of Rod’s albums have a personal touch with his vulnerable vocal deliveries.

Moreover, he focuses on lyrics above all else, as he always sheds light on everyday struggles.

Likewise, fans also adore the new family that Rod has built with his girlfriend, Kelsey, and their twin daughters.

Growing up with challenges, Rod credits his family for the constant encouragement and support.

Rod speaks honestly about his life, which frames him as a brave songwriter among the listeners.

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