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Rod Wave Addresses Weight Loss As His Fans Worry About His Health

Is the rapper Rod Wave diverting his journey from the stage to the gym? Continue reading to learn about the weight loss journey of Rod Wave.

Rod Wave, born in 1998, is an American rapper and singer famous for blending the genres of hip-hop and R&B in his songs.

He has two daughters from his longtime girlfriend, Dee.

As for his growing up, Rod has mentioned that he grew up listening to E-40, who later even featured in one of Rod’s songs.

One major unique part of Rod Wave that fans keep talking about is his style of soul-trap.

Given his strong voice and storytelling ability, fans find his songs to be of a new genre. This fusion that Rod does has now become famous as “Soul-trap.”

Despite setting a new wave in the music industry, fans are more keen to know about the health and weight loss journey of Rod Wave.

Rod Wave Addresses Weight Loss As His Fans Worry About His Health

Rod Wave’s fans keep calling him out to focus on his weight loss. Many fans even fear that the weight that he has put in will result in his untimely death.

Rod Wave, too, seems to have taken this in a positive stride.

Recently, he stated in an Instagram live session that he plans on putting effort towards weight loss.

In the live session, Rod Wave is agitated and almost emotional. Rod Wave states that he will get his revenge through his weight loss.

This indicates that the vile comments regarding his obese stature have hurt Rod deeply.

Rod Wave posing in a studio as people talk about his weight loss
Rod Wave started composing tracks for fun on his brother’s computer and made music. (Source: Instagram)

In November 2020, Rod Wave was attending a concert in Florida when he had to face an unfortunate accident.

While Rod and his entourage walked casually through the stage, the stage suddenly collapsed.

At this time, Rod Wave was over 380 pounds, which clarifies he was very obese.

Although it is unclear if the collapse did happen due to Rod Wave’s weight, fans and media alike were quick to blame Rod.

Much of the comments were fat-shaming Rod Wave. Even Rod’s fans were mocking him at the time.

His fans were poking lighthearted fun at Rod Wave for trying to influence him towards weight loss.

But neutrals and media tore Rod Wave apart. Popular news portals like Dailymail and MTO News sensationalized the news even further.

Given that Rod Wave was a celebrity, the news spread like wildfire, prompting fans to try and make Rod aware of the focus shift on weight loss.

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Rod Wave’s Fan Discussion And Theories: Weight And Health

Fans had been scared for Rod before the unfortunate incident, but this incident only intensified their fears more.

His fans show him love and support whenever he is on Instagram Live.

Even during Rod Wave’s recent Instagram live session, fans continue to show him support in the hope that he will seriously consider weight loss.

Rod Wave stating that he now wants six-pack abs soon and looking quite serious about it has calmed the fans somewhat.

Moreover, Rod Wave’s fans have a dedicated Reddit Page with over 1.8K members, where many posts are about Rod Wave’s weight.

Rod Wave posing for a picture in an elevator
Rod Wave has a brother, but his name is unknown. (Source: Instagram)

Many fans are even on the line that Rod Wave is depressed, and due to this, weight loss is more challenging for him.

Some even believe Rod Wave will never lose weight as he has not shown some effort till now.

And much to the surprise of some, fans have even claimed that whenever Rod puts on weight, his music sounds different.

Regardless of the conspiracies, though, everyone is worried for Rod Wave. They are focusing on encouraging him towards weight loss.

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