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Who Is Rodrigo Villegas Esposa Elvira Olivares? Padre, Hijos And Biografia

Rodrigo Villegas Esposa has been one of the most discussed topics. Rodrigo Villegas and Elvira Olivares has been together since 2012. 

Rodrigo Villegas is a famous Chilean Actor and comedian who became popular after his appearance on the now-defunct TV show “Morandé con Compañía.”

He is well-known for his ability to play various characters, such as Mathieu Focker, the Machine, Shorikhan, and Luis Wantan, which were appreciated by the audience.

In 2017, Rodrigo Villegas participated in the Viña Festival, one of Chile’s most prestigious entertainment events, and won both the Silver and Gold Gaviota awards.

Again in 2023, he will perform in the Viña Festival; the news has been trending. The comedian has been commented on for his reputation as a versatile and talented performer.

Along with his professional information, people are often curious to learn about his personal life, such as his wife, parents, and kids. 

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Who Is Rodrigo Villegas Esposa Elvira Olivares?

Villegas and Elvira Olivares have been married for more than 11 years; the couple married in 2012 and had a small ceremony.

As per the sources, the couple met each other for the first time in a call center. The couple often seems to be together in public. 

Olivares is originally from Copiapó; her profession or other information about her is unknown. 

Elvira Olivares and Rodrigo Villegas shared a pictures of them celebrating their Anniversary.
Elvira Olivares and Rodrigo Villegas shared pictures of them celebrating their Anniversary. (Image Source: En Cancha)

More information about them has yet to be shared in public. But you can often find pictures of them together on social media.

Olivares supports her husband’s career and often accompanies him on various programs.

Rodrigo Villegas Padre Details 

Rodrigo Villegas was born to Chilean parents in Chile on March 12, 1976. His parents gave birth to him and raised him along with his siblings.

Growing up, Villegas was exposed to comedy shows and films, which sparked his interest in the entertainment industry. 

His parents supported his career choice, and he often mentioned that his parents were his most extensive support system since he started his career as a comedian. 

Rodrigo Villegas acknowledges that he felt pressure after Belén Mora's routine at the Viña Festival 2023.
Rodrigo Villegas acknowledges feeling the pressure after Belén Mora’s routine at the Viña Festival 2023. (Image Source: RedGol

Many people did not believe in him when he started, but his parents were always there for him to support him. 

Information about his parents has not been disclosed; his parents preferred to keep their life away from the eyes of the media. 

His sibling’s parents and his parents have also been highly private. It is always the person’s choice to keep it confidential or share with in public. 

Rodrigo Villegas Hijos And Biografia

Villegas has been happily married to Elvira Olivares for more than 11 years, and the couple shares three children. 

Comedian Rodrigo Villegas in the prelude to his show in Viña
Comedian Rodrigo Villegas in the intro to his show in Viña. (Image Source: T13)

Villegas was not married or engaged before, and he had all his children with his wife, Olivares. Eduardo, Antonella, and Isabella are three children of them; the pair have yet to share more information about their kids in public. 

Rodrigo Villegas said in an interview, “Being a Father is lovely, but now I have a different relationship with the boys; I’m like the fourth child; my wife is the one who suddenly gets angry because we’re at the table, and we laugh at silly jokes, we tempt ourselves with the laughter.” 

Along with the information about his kids, there are rare pictures of than shared in public. They have always kept their children’s life away from the eyes of the media. 

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