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Roman Atwood Wife Has Passed Away?! Brittney Atwood Hoax

Following the death of the mother of Roman Atwood, netizens find themselves in a state of confusion, uncertain about whether his wife has also passed away. Let us get to know more about it.

Born on May 28, 1983, Roman Bernard Atwood is an American YouTuber and prankster. 

He is famous for his vlogs and shares life updates on the channel RomanAtwoodVlogs.

Further, he also operates another YouTube channel named RomanAtwood, where he previously uploaded prank videos.

On May 28, 2022, he launched his third channel, RomanAtwoodPodcast, focusing on a podcast featuring friends and special guests.

Since he is broadening his career graph in the entertainment field, his personal life being scrutinized by the media is obvious. 

Lately, the media was informed about the mother of Roman Atwood passing away, but netizens have mistakenly linked it to his wife, causing concern and confusion.

Has Roman Atwood’s Wife, Brittney Atwood, Passed Away? Hoax Or Truth

Brittney Atwood became well-known as the spouse of the social media sensation Roman Atwood.

But it’s obvious that the rise in fame is the inevitable emergence of rumors and so goes in the case of Brittany as well.

In recent times, the news of the wife of Roman Atwood passed away has gained certain space across the web, especially after the death of her mother-in-law. But let us tell you that it’s just a hoax, nothing else.

Brittney, who is approaching her 33rd birthday and is the wife of Roman Atwood, has not passed away but is alive and completely healthy.

Roman Atwood and his wife in a podcast
Roman Atwood and Brittany crossed paths at his friend’s wedding, where Roman was the best man in 2008. (Source: Instagram)

Now, exploring her life details, the celebrity wife, who is currently in her 30s, was born in Ohio, the United States.

While Brittney was a child, her parents went through a divorce. Her father pursues a career as a lawyer, while her mother is a social worker.

Brittney and her sister Veronica found comfort at their grandmother’s amid parental conflicts.

After her parents’ divorce, Brittney grew closer to her sister, Veronica, but maintained a positive relationship with her stepmother, who died recently.

Roman Atwood and his wife with their children
Brittney and Roman Atwood are parents to four. (Source: Instagram)

As for her career, Brittney began as a YouTuber, deleted her channel later, and has been assisting her husband, also a YouTuber, since they met in 2009.

She’s regularly seen in numerous vlogs alongside her husband, Roman.

Nevertheless, the reports of the wife of Roman Atwood having passed away are just a confusion, possibly linked to the recent passing of his mother.

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Details Surrounding the Passing of Roman Atwood’s Mother, Susan

Roman’s mother, Sue, passed away on May 29, 2019, marking a significant loss for the Atwood family.

Atwood revealed publicly that his mother’s passing was a result of a scooter fall, leading to an immediate loss of vital signs.

Roman and Brittney pictured while kissing
Roman Atwood’s wife, Brittney Atwood, is an Internet personality. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, certain online users are skeptical of this explanation and speculate that Romas’s father, Curt, may be involved somehow.

On his podcast, The Roman Atwood Podcast, Roman engaged in an interview with his father.

The conversation took on a somber undertone when they delved into the topic of Sue’s passing during the interview.

Curt questioned the closed casket at Sue’s funeral, finding it unusual for a death resulting from a minor scooter fall.

Roman holding a gun
Following his mother’s passing, Atwood took a break from social media to mourn and grieve. (Source: Instagram)

Curt revealed that Sue’s death didn’t catch him entirely off guard. According to him, a vision conveyed by Jesus had forewarned him, saying,

“I need to separate you and your wife.”

However, viewers speculate that Roman was also visibly angry in the video and harbored suspicions towards his father.

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